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[WIP] Laboratories Escape

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My new game develop in Unity3D. But it’s on progress, i’m still making a plenty of 3D models
Genre : Third Person Shooting (Fantasy)
Engine : Unity3D
Developer : Skipper Centurion
Publisher : Penguin TNT
Release Date : TBA
Supported by : Unity Technologies (3D Models) and Unify Community (Scripting)
Tools Used :
• 3DSMax Design 2012
• Spore DAE
• Autodesk Maya 2012
• Photoshop CS5
• Unity 3.4 (Free)
Stories (unfinished) :
Ion trying to making a new atomic bomb merge with another creature’s DNA. Then, Anion and Cation come to tell Ion to stop making that crazy things. Ion ignored them. Then the innovation became a disaster! KABOOM! Cation and Anion heard that noise, then they back to the laboratories. They see a big creature, we call him “BIG BROTHER” captured Ion then go away and destroy the laboratories main door (it’s located on underground). The Creature Probably is “Eyebisot”
i will continue making this story
thanks for reading



Started making games since 13 year old. 3D CGI Weeaboo | VFX Otaku | Anime Researcher | Indie Game Dev | VR Chuunibyou


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