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[Update] Escape From The Laboratories V0.46

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Hello investors! Today i’m gonna show you about the Escape From The Laboratories V0.46!
• Splash Image Fixed
• Snow Particles Fixed
• Level’s Map Light Fixed
• Cuber Deleted (may slow down the game performance, so i’ve decided to delete it)
• It’s Blue Stars! Better than just purple
• Settings Menu Added (Still not functionally)
• Level 1 added! with lift function (it’s not triggered yet)
• loop_electricity added! plus Reverb Zone
• Door added! but the function not finished yet
• FPSWalker speed fixed
• Railgun Has some bugs, now fixed!
• Music Now using XM (Extended Modules) You know it’s smaller than MP3 and it’s only 5KB for 1 hours song
• Railgun SFX Fixed from the old 8-bit sound

[Unity] Escape From The Laboratories V0.46 from Skipper Centurion on Vimeo.

And for V0.5 i should make all of these

  • The door should functionality
  • We use TranceUzi not Railgun at 1st level
  • When you pressed New Game it should go to the cut scene where made with still image cutscene, but still have a dialog
  • Audio Reverb Zone Fixed
  • Settings Menu area fixed
  • You need to press [E] to go down lift
  • LOLMan as the robot guard
  • The Main room (Ion’s room) should be darker
  • Weapons animation bug (Shooting bug) Fixed!

Okay i think just that for my games development journal

thanks for the reading :D



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