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[Update] Escape From The Laboratories v0.464


These are the update from V0.463 to V0.464. The Version increment are little but there are many changes

  • Escape From The Laboratories Title Fixed, No more collide each other.
  • While the light is flickering, the light color can changeable.
  • Selected menu are now highlighted.
  • Door Are now Semi Functionally (Added Open Door Hint, but still don’t close it self)
  • When PauseEnabled are true, The gun stop launching the bullets
  • The Bullets are now using Trail no more particles
  • Level 1 Level are fixed! Added some fence, and the flame effects (Simulate Big Brother crush the wall)
  • Light on Laboratories are now aged (flickering)
  • Light on the Laboratories tunnel fixed! From Point Light to Spot Light and added a lens flare on it.
  • Exit sign, Has own sound effects. Neon Buzz…..

I guess just that the update from this 3 days. In 3 Days i could made this all ? eww.. so poor i should make more than 10 updates per days or at least 20 updates per 4 days.

and this is the screenshots (i just brought 2, cause my internet are too slow)



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