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[Update] Escape From The Laboratories V0.465

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These are the updates from V0.464 to V0.465. On Version 0.46x till 0.49x the version increment maybe little, but it has many functions were fixed. because i need to find an inappropriate Script for my game. Here’s the changes:

  1. Menu Manager are fully functionality! thanks to Enumeration. That’s mean while you’re on Settings area, the menu area not moving, then you pressed return (from Settings area) the menu area working, the settings area on pause.
  2. Splash Screen will use the physx one, but it has an error.
  3. 3D Text overlay Fixed!
  4. Door Are now Functionality!
  5. Lift are not functionality.
  6. Laser now used smoke.
  7. Light Problem on Level Fixed.

Oh Dude! it’s so poor! I should make a lot of change!!! Maybe i could only give you just one screen shot.



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