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[Update] Escape From The Laboratories V0.465f5

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Sorry for too late. I didn’t publish the earlier version (0.465f3, and v.0465f4)

On version 0.465f5 i was made many changes

  1. Main Menu Texture changed! From Specular to Diamond (has more reflectively).
  2. Main Menu material color blinking if you selected something.
  3. Main Menu camera transition (menu to settings) are now using fade. but it has many problem with “NullReferenceException”
  4. Gun are now Reloadable!
  5. Ammo bugs (which you can still fire even you’re ran out of ammo) fixed! (“Press [E] to reload” will appear)
  6. Nitro has explosion and damage! if you touched it, you will die immediately! Barrel too!
  7. Bullets leaves a sparks mark everywhere you fired it. (earlier version, when bullets touches any objects, it will appear a smoke and of course it doesn’t make any sense at all)
  8. Bullets now fixed! (earlier version has bigger bullets)
  9. Potions pickup now added! and it leaves a bouncy score number. however the particle did not fix yet.
  10. The texture errors on Level 1, now fixed (earlier version texture was unoptimized, so it causes slow and laggy while you play it and glass on Laboratories is now added)
  11. When you pressed “Return” on settings area, the 3D Text will back to normal.
  12. Memory, and pixel shader information fixed. (earlier version shader information just write “30” if your pixel shader is 3.0 but now it say “Pixel Shader 3.0” and so on)
  13. Health and ammo GUI Added! However it’s still GUI Text not GUI Texture.
  14. Main gun now use TRG-7. for awhile i don’t use Railgun.
  15. Footsteps sound now fixed. it’s sounds pitcher than the old one.
  16. Respawn function now fixed! You know the old one if you died the script just do nothing and just fade level. in this version, if you died / fall out the doctor sound will play and freeze all scripts (which you can’t stop the script by pressing esc) and reload the loaded level with revive sound (it’s not fixed yet). On future version, if you died because got hit by something the camera orbit will render and following you while you became a ragdoll and wait for input (press “Space”) then level will reload again.
  17. All scripts were more efficient. (for example : I use cube rotator for main menu cube, and i use object rotator for lab glass, but now it’s changed! all rotating object will use object rotator. Goodbye MenuCube.js!)

Wow! it’s so many changes from 0.465 to 0.465f5

thanks for reading :D



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