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[Update] Escape From The Laboratories V0.465f7

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Sorry i didn’t publish version 0.465f6 LOL i was too busy. In this version i had made many changes to my game. and i think it’s more than my other minor release. All scripts almost finished. Probably this game will publish at February 2012. However, i still need 3D Characters. I can make 3D Characters, but i can’t draw. And i can’t make a texture. I’m not good at UV Mapping.

Since I was finished my school’s exams (December 16) i could make many major changes to this game, because i have a lot of freetime.

And this is the upgrade from Version 0.465f5 to Version 0.465f7 (or version 0.465f8 on the screenshot)

Menu Area

  1. Skybox changed! Now is much more interactive! It has sun on it (thanks to The Sun rotating as the time you playing (i mean the Sun will rotate according to the Time.time, for instance on your first playing this game, it will start from 12:00 AM, and then you play the levels and then you quit, the game time is now 4:00PM) On version 0.465.f7 The Sun Rotation problem was fixed (V0.465f6 the Sun managed by Mathf.PingPong, this version by Mathf.Repeat)
  2. The cloud are now moving. Version 0.465f6 didn’t move.
  3. Menu Music plays randomly (probably will be deleted, cause me a lot of license to permit)
  4. When you press Exit on Main Menu, GUIWindow will appear and so on with the Game Settings.
  5. Camera are now fade perfectly! and i didn’t got any null reference message anymore!
  6. GUISkin fixed (earlier version has many unknown blinking GUI)
  7. Music Volume are now adjustable (however, i still need to learn how to use PlayerPrefs)
  8. When you press start game, Menu will start freezing / you can’t control (earlier version you still can control menu even the game has started). Exit area and Game Settings too.
  9. Penguin TNT logo now has 5 degree inclination, which mean if you play on fullscreen you couldn’t see the unknown lines again.
  10. AudioListener now fading when you start the game.
  11. The sun light ignores Title and Penguin TNT logo object. because it will made everything shiny.

Game Area

  1. Sound Effects are now HD. Earlier version all the sound effects was 8-bit voice and 16-bit burning effect.
  2. Bullet system are now fixed (thanks to aldonaletto)! Earlier version didn’t Apply Damage to any object. But this version, when the bullets hit something like enemy robot (enemy robot HP:5 bullet damage 5) the robot will explode.
  3. When the robot died, it will leaves something like guns or potions. it also will become a rag doll.
  4. Pause Menu GUI Fixed. From GUIBox to GUIWindow. Change Graphic Quality deleted, because it’s useless. but i still have a problem with GUIWindow Drag window and GUIDepth.
  5. When the game is paused, the AudioListener will pause. earlier version AudioListener just reduce the volume not stop.
  6. Pause Menu Script now is more simpler! Because i use GUI Layout and i don’t need to instance scripts to pause like Mouse Look or Gun.js. it all because Broadcast Message!
  7. When you hit the Nitro, or something explosive it will explode unlike the earlier version. for instance on earlier version, when you hit Nitro with bullets, it will explode on certain radius, and TNT was located on it’s side. when the Nitro starts exploding, Nitro will instance it own explosion effect even TNT has a different explosion effect. and it also didn’t multiply the damage count (when you hit 1 of 5 barrel near you, you just got 20 damage and it should be 5×20 damage).
  8. Explosion effect are now smaller. earlier version has bigger size for a small TNT.
  9. When you died, you will become a ragdoll with a first person camera (it’s look a bit realistic just like if you got hit by the Nitro in real life) However i still need to make it more realistic. but you can still move your head and see your body.
  10. Added a body collision sounds (when you became a ragdoll)
  11. When the hint appear, the hint will fade in and fade out.
  12. Reload function fixed. On earlier version you still can shoot even you were ran out of ammo.
  13. Health function fixed. On earlier version you could got -20 health.
  14. Door now has open and shut sound.

Other Updates

  1. Startup Sound nicer than the old personified fear.
  2. Startup Picture changed!

well that’s all my games changes. wow it’s soo much!



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