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[Update] Escape From The Laboratories V0.465f8

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I just made a little changes from V0.465f7 to V0.465f8. But it’s so major changes. Here’s the changes from V0.465f7 to V0.465f8.

  1. Door Are Fully Functional! (Thanks to Array and For-in Loops, and it also require a key to open!).
  2. Elevator Are Fully Functional! (Thanks to yield instruction!) and i added a button to going down or up. It’s so accurate but still use yield new WaitForSeconds (duration); method. but it’s not a problem!
  3. When You Pause the game, the camera wont move again! (Thanks to Broadcast Message and GameObject.GetComponent)
  4. Check Point Enabled. However i still need to fix this script.
  5. Barrel collider changed from Box Collider to Mesh Collider with Convex.
  6. Barrel and Nitro Crates now has own sound effect when you collide them.
  7. TNT Sound too loud huh ? Now is fixed!
  8. Laser Sound effect fixed.
  9. Now you can’t reload if your ammo in magazine equals your ammocount.

Well i think just that the changes from V0.465f7 to V0.465f8.

Oh yea! i’m planning to add some unity3D Tutorial at my blogs. so i can get more views :D

Thanks for reading



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