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[MassUpdate] Escape from the Laboratories V0.83

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sorry i’d never update my games anymore at here. But today i’ve make my games till version 0.83 and probably will release on March 7, 2012. Sorry for pending, because i’m too busy and my computer is broken. and here’s the updates (from version 0.465f9x to 0.83)

– At Main Menu

  1. The Escape from The Laboratories title were made with C4D Now (smoother and shinier).
  2. Added animated text for system information.
  3. Player level will shown your game progress.
  4. Delete user button fixed! (when you press delete it was called by function Update(), so it could be so lag when you play the game, but now it was called by function Deletation (delete : boolean)).
  5. The Sun’s flare fixed! (just makes it more shinier with 6 blades aperture (it was cold clear sun)).
  6. Fog function added (which makes the games load / run faster and you will don’t know the different if you are not the developer!).
  7. Cutscene added! Originally cutscene was added at version 0.48 and it just have stories, spinning cube, and sun. but on version 0.83 it have more decoration (which makes the game load slower on low end PC) such as terrain, grass, fog, and spinning cube.
  8. When you press start the game, the start game menu will disappear.

– On Game

  1. GUI Enabled!
  2. Inventory menu on Pause Menu changed to Settings menu.
  3. Weapon Pickup function added! Actually, it has drop weapon function, but i think it’s useless.
  4. Firing weapon with holding Left Mouse Button.
  5. Weapon Recoil Added!
  6. Aiming feature added (return to version 0.42, but it’s better than the old version).
  7. Pause menu are now fixed.
  8. When you hit someone (Ally or Enemy) it will appear a health message for instance, you hit a robot and it will appear NeutralBot 100/100. Unlike the old version (V0.48) the number still following the object and wont appear on other objects. Older version (V0.465f9x) is using health bar (because it’s slow and wont appear on other objects, so i delete it). However when you hit two person in a same time it will appear two text (It’s GUILayout problem!).
  9. AI Function are now enabled! However, they wont patrol and they will keep standing even you saw them (i’m still working on if you hit them, they will chase you not just standing). i also have another problem, when they saw you and they still moon walking (walking animation is play but the character controller isn’t move). And you know i don’t have a motion capture device, i use IK to make the walking animation, so just STFU!
  10. Since i use Unity Indie, it don’t have shadow projection so i make Experimental Ambient Occlusion (blob shadow on any object). i have a minor problem and that can’t be fixed, when you rolling the barrel, the blob shadow is not projecting on the ground but projecting on the wall. and it also leaves an unknown shadow on wall. at the version 0.48, the projector use perspective technique, but now, i use orthographic technique.
  11. The door are now fixed, the old door has been deleted.
  12. Armor function Enabled!
  13. You know that collecting potions in this game is not make any sense, so i replaced it to armor.
  14. Fallout Death trigger fixed. If you have a little amount of armor, and you are going to enter the fallout death trigger, you wont die, but now if you have a lot of armor, and you are falling to the death trigger, it will restore your last checkpoint position not directly died!
  15. Checkpoint function is fixed. it will appear a save logo if you turn on the autosave function.
  16. Jump pad function added. It just makes the gravity goes 3 instead of -9.81.
  17. Debug mode added. This is use for entering a cheat (it just for me, you know i need to test the level and i’m too lazy to not using the cheat).
  18. When you just died, audio listener will fade.
  19. Object pickup fixed. On earlier version, when you kill someone, it will spawn any pickup objects, but it spawns on uncertain area such as the outside of the game level, or even on the air. In this version, it will spawn on transform.position + transform.up * 1.5 which mean it spawns on the object’s position.
  20. Door trigger fixed! On earlier version, when you shoots a bullet at the door while the door is open, it will close. and it makes harder when you fight a monster in the door.
  21. Level 1 bridge is fixed. You shouldn’t know what did i change in this level.
  22. key’s material is now brighter.
  23. Health pickup function fixed. On the earlier version, it will spawn more than 112 health.
  24. Railgun’s first model is deleted, and has been changed to FPS tutorial gun (i’m too lazy to make my own model).
  25. Ming’s meme and anonymous meme has become this game enemy since i don’t have time to make my own model.
  26. Now you have a companion! Say hello to Anion. However, she’s not really featured in this game (since she can’t jump and she can’t follow you further). On future version, i’m going to make ally transport (by pressing n key and your partner will on your front).

wew, i think just that. i’m forgot to make the older version change logs.

  • Screenshot (This is pro version, original will not look like this)



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