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[Original Released] Escape from the laboratories V1.02c


It has been passed the quality control. Before you go ahead and download, i think you should read the readme first:

/* System Requirement */

Escape From The Laboratories requires at least the following:


  •   2.66 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
  •   512 MB RAM
  •   A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  •   The latest version of DirectX 9.0c
  •   Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
  •   At least 125 MB of hard drive space.


  •   2.6 GHz Core Duo / Dual core processor or equivalent
  •   512 MB RAM
  •   A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  •   At least 125 MB of hard drive space.


  •   2.6 GHz Core Duo / Dual core processor or equivalent (3.10 GHz Core i3 is about 57 FPS)
  •   512 MB RAM
  •   A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  •   At least 125 MB of hard drive space.

/* Game information */


  • 3D Main Menu GUI
  • Bumped Texture / Pixel Shader 2.0
  • Fast Loading
  • Blob Shadow
  • PlayerPrefsX
  • Custom Color Correction


  • Move : W,A,S,D or Arrow keys.
  • Jump / select on main menu : Space
  • Use something : [E]
  • Call Anion : [N]
  • Use TRG-7 : [1]
  • Use Railgun : [2]
  • Use AC2726 : [3]
  • Use R61GT : [4]
  • Use SVG41 : [5]
  • Reload : [R]

Debug Mode (Case Sensitive!):
To launch Debug Mode, press <censored> and debug mode window will appear

  • 10000 Health : IconHealthPlz
  • 5 Keys : DevKeyPlz
  • Use the most powerful gun : RemoteLaserInator
  • No Gravity : SuperJump!
  • Deactivate all cheat : Return

/* Performance Tips */

  • When you met too many enemies, you should quickly shoot them (On certain level with Instantiators, you must quickly go there and destroy the instantiators).
  • If you experienced very lag gameplay, you should set the quality at Fastest Settings.
  • On my computer, that Radioman may causes very lag gameplay. You should quickly kill Radioman.

/* Bugs */

These are the bugs that didn’t pass the quality control.

  •   When you are about to get same gun, you will not get any ammos. For Instance: You are using Railgun, and then you see there are a TRG-7 object pickup (even you have TRG-7 on your inventory). when you get that weapon, you will not got any ammos. On the earlier version, you should get the ammos, but i do realize if anyone could cheating.
  •   Graphic Settings on GamePlay are not saveable. If you want to set the graphic settings, you should set it first at launcher settings.
  •   Fail Animation. Some character may got fail animation issues. (i don’t have a motion capture device, and it’s kinda hard to set the key frame).
  •   At Level 9 : Galactic Core, when you see a R61GT weapon and then you pick it up, but what you got is SVG41. I even set the object id correctly.
  •   At Level 9, When you see the planet, it seems a buggy shaders (it’s not compatible with Skybox shader).
  •   At Level 9, When your spaceship has destroyed, the mission control should restart the game, but i don’t know why the mission control ignore that.
  •   When you saw the enemies, and you are trying to shoot them, they will still standing like an idiot, but when you are not really close with them, they will starts moonwalking. This kinda stupid AI made by me. Sorry for the homemade AI.
  •   I use internet memes is not for fun. You know i don’t have too much time to model another characters ?
  •   You might not save the weapons status (such as ammo Count, ammo in magazine). Because of the security issue.
  •   Pickupable object including keys which has disappeared when you get it, and when you restart the game, the keys are back again and your keys amount will not become 0.
  •   If you has unlocked the door and you’re trying to restart the game, the door are locked again.
  •   RadioMan might get “IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.” message.
  •   If you quickly pressing the menu buttons, For Instance: you press ‘return’ button at settings area and then you press ‘settings’ again. the Menu Manager Enumerator will stop working!
  •   At Level 5, When you fight the boss, the boss couldn’t shoot you if you are not in the platform area.
  •   At Level 6, When you are trying to jump out of the bounds, you will not get any warning. but, the instantiator will still producing game object. The instantiator will slow down your pc.
  •   Since Anion can’t jump or following you too far, i added Call Anion function.
  •   When you are trying to call Anion by pressing [N], Anion will spawn in front of you, but it’s flying…
  •   When the enemies health status is already appeared, it will appear again.
  •   Since i experienced a bug on final boss, i deleted save gun function.
  •   Sometimes, Checkpoint is not working. This is why i added save now function.
  •   If you have some keys on your inventory (at least 1), and when you enter a cheat from debug (for instance jump cheat), keys on your inventory will disappeared.
  •   If you are the official beta tester, you should know how to change level from regedit.exe
  •   If you found other bugs, please send me email at

/* Updates from V1.01a (Official Beta Testers version) to V1.02c (Public version) */

  • AC2726 animation bug fixed.
  • Security Patch. You are no longer to save gun info.
  • Available to save anywhere. Since checkpoint function can’t working properly, i created this function.
  • Missing Material fixed.
  • Installer size compressed.

/* Downloads and Trailer */

/* Reviews */

  • Jacky Min (Official Beta Testers, Gun Model Artist) : “Really poor! So lag!!!”

Comment on this post if you has a review about this game…



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