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[Update] Catapult Version 0.38D

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Sorry i’m never posting my development journal anymore. Since I was in mid semester exam, and i’m too busy to do many things at the same time. LOL xD

So, in this version , i’ve finished all the CORE Script (however, i still need to fix and test them all). much more quicker huh? In my previous game development (Escape From The Laboratories) requires 6 months to finish the CORE Script. In Escape From the Laboratories also not optimized / always use Update function for initialization (LOL, Silly Me xD). But in this Catapult, i use Start and Awake function for initialization even OnBecameInvisible to stop a script. So, it’s fully optimized.

Unfortunately, when i test it at my cousin’s Samsung Galaxy Tab, it’s run very laggy. I don’t know why on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini runs really great without lag.

This is the SWF video
[Unity3D] Catapult DROiD V0.38D by ~COLLAnitySV on deviantART

Some Screenshot



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