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[Legacy] Timed Object Destroyer

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I usually use this script to fade out and delete any object.

#pragma strict

var lifeTime = 3.0;
var fadeable = true;
var fadeableDur = 2.5;
var explosion : Transform;
var destroyParent  = false;
var arrayMaterials  = false;
private var trnsp : Shader;

function Awake(){
    trnsp = Shader.Find("Transparent/Diffuse");

function Update(){
        renderer.material.shader = trnsp;
        renderer.material.color.a -= Time.deltaTime / fadeableDur;
        if(arrayMaterials){ //Not Tested.
            for(var i = 0; i < transform.childCount; i++){
material.color.a -= Time.deltaTime / fadeableDur;

function Destroyed(){
    if(explosion != null)

        if(transform.parent != null) 
Destroy(transform.parent.gameObject, lifeTime);
        else Destroy(gameObject, lifeTime);
    }else Destroy (gameObject, lifeTime);

To use this script, attach this script to dead replacement object (something like ragdoll prefab). I’m still working on the array materials function. Which mean you must attach it to some object that has renderer on it.



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