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[Experiment] Planetary Gravity with Vector3.normalized

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I’ve been learn on my physx lesson about normals. I know that normal lines is always pointing up (transform.up of an object faces). And then i’m trying to make Planetary Gravity with Vector3.normalized. It really works! However, it’s not working as perfect as i expect. When the object collides an atmosphere, the collided object will be pulled by the planet. Even you shoot the object from the south pole of the planet, this script will still pull the object to the ground. I will share this script to everyone (since it’s hard to find at google). Enjoy !

#pragma strict
var gravityPower = -500.0;
var planet : Transform;

function Start(){
    Physics.gravity = awakeGravity;
// use OnTriggerStay. If i use OnTriggerEnter, 
it will just pull the object once.
for the performance option, i don't know

 function OnTriggerStay(col : Collider){
  var direction = col.transform.position - transform.position;
  col.attachedRigidbody.AddForce(direction.normalized * gravityPower);
  col.transform.rotation = 
* Quaternion.Euler(;

Some ScreenShot



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One thought on “[Experiment] Planetary Gravity with Vector3.normalized

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