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[Update] Catapult Version 0.62C

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I added many new features in this game.

On Main Menu

  1. I made performance mode just in case. So anyone with legacy graphic card or no graphic card can run this game. FPS When run in performance mode reach more than 130FPS (112 FPS run in normal mode) in Intel Core i3 @ 3.10 GHz.
  2. Fake Background probably will be deleted and changed to fog.
  3. RegSaver.js will calculate your total score (required to unlock the final stage).
  4. RegSaver fixed! On the earlier version, RegSaver didn’t save the level information.
  5. Splash screen is simpler!

In Game Situation

  1. Water Simulation. But it will not working on Performance Mode.
  2. Finally, Semi Realistic Gravity is working!
  3. Use Inventory / Power up item fixed.
  4. And many more i don’t know…

And this is the video.

My Planet Gravity Script has an unfixed bug. i tested, i throw a crates on the atmosphere, the planet will pull the crate strongly.
So what do you think about this game ? Please support me to get a good review :D



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