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[Update] Catapult V0.86

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This game probably will release at mid-May 2012. 12x quicker than Escape From the Laboratories huh ? Well i’ve made many updates from V0.62C to V0.86A.

Main Menu

  1. Background changed to Fog.
  2. Added More Decorations.
  3. Even better Performance Mode. FPS over 2000+ in Intel Core i3 @ 3.10 GHz
  4. You can set / save graphic quality settings.

On Game

  1. Rotation Bug Fixed! On the earlier version, the weapon before you throw it, it’s not sticky and might falling down to the ground. I made it sticky / same position with “Positioner” in every seconds. If i made it in every frame, the weapon will vibrating wildly.
  2. Timeout bug Fixed! On the earlier version, sometimes, your weapon can explode instantly. But in this version, your weapon will explode if your weapon is staying at the catapult.
  3. If you hit an enemy, it will appear a hit points message.
  4. Score Text fixed. I just make it more spread.
  5. Planet Gravity Fixed. I added some wind sound effect every time you collide with the planet. And also, on low gravity moon, i added other object multiplier for enemies or other object. So, it may stick to the planet.

I also test it for Android device (second beta test). And it works smoothly (with Performance Mode in Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini). But i have many problem with GUI location and touch orbit. I’m planning to release CORE (PC) version at Mid-May 2012, and DROiD (Android 2.1) version at Early June / Late May 2012.

And here’s for the video



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