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Catapult DRoID V1.05

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I’ve been tested many times from May 11 till May 13. Anything works great, not really lag on Xperia Mini ST15i. All touch screen GUI, Graphic, CORE System all works great. But i’m facing one problem, and it’s Saving Settings / PlayerPrefs. I really hate it Android didn’t support PlayerPrefsX.GetBoolArray / PlayerPrefsX.GetFloatArray. It makes me to use Unity Build In PlayerPrefs. I’m not really sure if i have to do PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(levelId.ToString(), scr.score) on 35 levels (it makes 35 registry, and i’m afraid it could slow down Android system.)

Well here’s the Catapult DRoID V1.05 updates (full version : Catapult DRoID V1.1 (will release after i finished the Saving Settings Problem)). Some minor bugs on Catapult CORE V1.02B were fixed in this version (something like forgot to tell if the catapult are not damageable (the catapult will says 100% even it’s not damageable, in this version, the catapult will says “N / A” if it’s not damageable), and Fixed Pause menu function (added Invert Camera, Sensitivity, and overlay pause background).



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