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[Research] Unity Pro Effects in UnityIndie

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Well, i’ve been researched that Unity Indie should be able to use Unity Pro Image Effect (I’ve been research on bloom only).

According to Eric5h5 CrossFade Script, i see that they use RenderTexture feature to snap the current frame. First, you need a plane that facing to main camera. And then create a script that use RenderTexture to Plane. The textures requires to render in every frame. Set the Plane Shader to Particles > Additive, and see the glow.

You also can use this script.

I’m currently researching this script, but it probably will takes more performance.

You also can render a movie with Unity Indie (My research). But you need this script first.

//If you are saying this script was copied by somewhere, I don't know. It probably a coincidence. 
//I made this script based on Automated Cutscene script from Escape From The Laboratories game. 

var frames : Texture[];
var frameTime = 3.0;
private var frame=0;
private var nextFrameTime = 0.0;
function OnGUI()
    if (frame < frames.Length) {
        if (Time.time >= nextFrameTime) {
            nextFrameTime += frameTime;

What you need to do is convert your animation to JPG image sequence, then import it to frames[] array. Then set the frame time to 0.03 and see it moving.



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