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[Late Update] Wild West Showdown V0.27REV6

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Sorry, i hasn’t online for a month, this because i’m too busy doing CORE for this game (and slow internet connection). So yeah, i came back because my teacher calls me to make an active blog.

CORE session is actually finished on October 6, 2012. CORE script is a very main component for my game, such as Pause Menu, AI Logic, and etc.

Wild West Showdown is the second LaboratoriesXD / InfiniXD Massive project (first one was Escape from the laboratories and it was fail). I do this with help from my friends (They just do 3% of my game). Wild West Showdown idea is came from my dream, and the story was written by Junardi U.


Written by Junardy, Remixed by Skipper Centurion.

There are two nations working peacefully, but then everything changes when Crystal Valley lacks of water and economic crisis. Luke tries to find out how to get water, but his mind is going evil. At night they were planning to kidnap Mayor’s daughter. But someone saw their actions. He’s going to tell everything to the Mayor, but unfortunately, he was killed by Luke. Mayor keeps searching for his daughter. And then the Mayor creates a poster about his missing daughter. Luke saw it and he’s going to return Mayor’s daughter. But Mayor changed his mind, because his daughter tells him that Luke was kidnapped his daughter. And the war is started.

The Mayor is now looking for a new sheriff because the entire sheriff is defeated by Luke. And then Jack was signed up to become a sheriff, although he didn’t have a good skill at shooting. The Mayor decided to not giving a gun for Jack because he doesn’t know anything about shooting. And the war is beginning.

Luke laughed so hard that he knows weaponless panda will beat him. Luke sends all his army to stop Jack.

So, what do you think ? Oh yea, name probably will be changed (afraid of same name).




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