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[Late Update] Wild West Showdown V0.39REV7

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I added many features in this version (V0.39REV7 | November 7, 2012 | Build 3)

  • Added profile menu in Pause Menu (soon, in main menu).
  • Added Interactive NPC, which you can talk to them. But their voice still use TTS
  • Added military grade on leveling. I use Point Blank grade, because it’s cooler.
  • Epic SetActiveRecursively Culling Technique. It disable all running script while you are not here.
  • Added Inventory Mode and Merchant Mode. Now you can buy anything you need with Peter the Moneybag.
  • Fixed music player bug. Music wont play if you’re in First Person mode.
  • AI now can’t passes through colliders. Thanks to Character Controller.
  • Wandering Script for AI even in Main Menu.
  • Maximum Level is level 40 (General) @ 400,000,000 exp
  • Gun reload fixed. You can still reload even your ammo is 0/0 and it become 0/-6 (earlier version).
  • Main Menu camera is rotates randomly.
  • Fixed Checkpoint bug and added SetActiveRecursively for performance.
  • Far clip plane set to 250 for better performance.

My friend has tested this game (Build 2) and here’s the report:

  • 0/0 Revolver still became 0/6 even you got 2 Revolver pickups.
  • Camera became close up when jumping.

and the other friend has tested Build 3 without problems. I’ll make a Build 4 in this Saturday, because on Monday i’m getting a daily school tests.



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