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Penguin Racer Go3D!

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I’m thinking to make this game after Wild West Showdown. So, Nano Botz probably will be canceled, due to bad gameplay concept. Penguin Racer Go3D! name aren’t final yet. Robin suggest the name is Wild West Racing, but however, the character or theme aren’t in wild west.


For the kart design, Robin suggested to use a kart like this design.

Well, It’s very very very epic design but I’m not sure i can do this. This below is the Graphical User Interface concept.p3da p3D

The character design above is not final. I draw this when i don’t know how to make a game. So, it probably has been created in a long time ago (according to my handwriting, it’s probably 2010). It has a player position, mini map, primary / secondary weapon, weapon battery (if it maxed out, you’ll get a better weapon like TNT to Nitro).

At the right position, it has a lap timer, current lap, crew (he can attack other opponents, block other opponents, find shortcut for you, go faster, and give you his weapon), crew weapon (which you can grab it), that 3x logo means how many times you can command your crew. I’m not sure if i could make all of this with GUILayout.

Robin suggested that the kart is upgradeable (speed, handling, acceleration, defense). If you always hit Nitro, TNT, Bomb, or something like that, you’re gonna have a bad time. Higher your kart’s defense, lower chance to the machine blow up. Since drifting (like crash team racing) on PC is difficult, i decided to make the kart has NOS.

The Character

I’m thinking to recycle / re use character from Wild West Showdown.

This is the character list that is unlocked at start

  1. Jack Flynn
  2. The Frig
  3. Willy
  4. Luke
  5. Penelope Guin
  6. Fake Cube
  7. Fasthand Penguin
  8. Mirage

And this is the locked character

  1. Vertex
  2. Robin
  3. Vaser Empero
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???



Penguin Racer Go3D! is a kart racing game designed for PC. I’ll try to make this game can play online. I really need to use Unity Pro to enhance the graphic.



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