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Beta release Wild West Showdown

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I finally finished Wild West Showdown, now it’s in beta testing by our tester crew. The latest version is V0.99REV1. When i test it, it has many bugs. And this is the list of the bug (Level 7 stage 1)

  • FIX : Level 5 Water collider  (DONE)
  • FIX : Level 6 Sound (night) (DONE)
  • FIX : Main Menu “Build and Version” (DONE)
  • FIX : Vest at pause menu bug (It can’t be fixed. It only happens when you minimized the game)
  • FIX : Level 2 Lightmap (DONE)
  • UPDATE : Add a level info in pause menu (DONE)

For the full version release, I’ll wait for the beta testers give the feedback in their computers.


  • Fast loading
  • PlayerPrefsX
  • Parallax Bumped Specular / Pixel Shader 3
  • Over 6 Hours gameplay
  • 5 Arcade Modes
  • HD, accepts any resolutions
  • Set Active Recursively performance mode

System requirements

  • Dual core @ 2GHz is recommended. Core i3 @ 3.10 GHz for better performance.
  • Any pixel shader graphic card (Shader Model 1 will disable any lights, bumped texture, and reflection. Shader Model 2 will disable Water effect and Brick wall effect). Pixel Shader 3 is recommended.
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 200 MB Free space of hard drive.

Unity 2013-01-22 16-27-27-28 Unity 2013-01-22 16-52-38-43 Unity 2013-01-22 16-52-46-36DSC_0003

* I hate my new haircut. F****** hair artist.



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