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[Update Phase 1] Wild West Showdown

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So, i got so many bug reports from Junardy (Official Beta Testers (1GHz AMD Dual Core, ATi Radeon HD6000 Series)). And here’s the reports from Junardy.

  • Main character’s shirt is weird. Sometimes it can pass through the main character body.
  • You can see through the house.
  • You can’t change weapon.
  • You should be able to set the weapon inside the pocket, not drop it.
  • After dropped a gun and picked up a gun, it should not be 0/0 but 6/6.
  • Aiming error. Sometimes it just too slow to fade.
  • Uncontrollable aiming sensitivity.
  • Reload system fail. From 4/6 to 6/0.
  • The camera went up and down while trotting.
  • The gun pickup is hard to find. Increase the ammo pickup.
  • Claw is not working properly.
  • There’s no hint / exit in level 2 stage 1.
  • Since it was too difficult, I only can play till level 3 stage 1.

But don’t worry, in newer version (V0.99REV2) these thing will be updated

  • Reload function is now fixed! 4/6 to 6/4.
  • Trotting camera is fixed.
  • Diglett animation is fixed.
  • More ammos in stage 1.
  • Checkpoint should save player’s inventory.
  • Double jump is enabled. However, it may has some bugs.
  • Adjustable aim sensitivity.
  • Faster fade time.
  • Added help in level 2.

There’s some Official Beta Testers is testing the game

  • ME (Core i3 @ 3.10GHz, NVidia GT220), Fantastic settings, No lag @ 60 / 40 FPS.
  • Junardy (AMD Dual Core @ 1GHz, ATi Radeon 6000 Series), Good settings, No lag.
  • Jessica T. (Waiting for result)
  • Vinson (Waiting for result)
  • Roberto K. (Core i3, NVidia 9500GT) (Waiting for result)
  • Robin (Core 2 Duo, Integrated Graphic card) (Waiting for result)
  • Calvin (Pentium D, ATi Radeon), medium lag on level 4 stage 1.

Sorry if i posted too often this week. Because i need to make a log of my game development.


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