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[Released] Wild West Showdown

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Well, after many stages of testing, i finally decided to release this game today. But unfortunately, Desura didn’t accept this game, so i think the FULL release must be pended. But however, you can still enjoy the Lite version of Wild West Showdown

Wild West Showdown Lite

So, I’m going to publish it here

  • Indie City
  • IndieVania
  • Wild Tangent
  • Union

I hope they’ll accept this game. I know it’s a bad game. But i promise, for next generation game, i’ll make even even better game.

This is the reports from Official Beta Testers

  • Jessica T.

“No any reports but this game is too monotone. I mean, what is this all about ? The main mission is just shoot an enemy and then find an exit.”

  • Vinson

“On first release version, this game has too low amount of ammo. People would be very difficult if the ammo is very hard to find. I only be able to play this to Level 1-3”

  • Roberto K.

“It’s okay. No problem on Second release version.”


  • Fast Loading
  • Set Active Recursively Performance mode
  • 1920 x 1080 HD
  • Over 5 hours gameplay
  • 5 Arcade mode with 2 playable character

Wild West Showdown

Wild West Showdown



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