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Nitro Racer XD Development Feb. 11 2013

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In this Chinese New Year holiday, i developed Nitro Racer XD’s Main CORE, such as a kart physics, AI kart, and models. You know it’s hard to deal with kart physics. First version, the kart loves to wheelie and then flip up. Fortunately this bug doesn’t happen in other kart. In this 1 week (from 4 February 2013), I’ve made Main CORE, 3 models (14 models left), and Animated GUI.

Nitro Racer XD GUI Concept

Nitro Racer XD GUI Concept

Alex the Polar Bear (FAIL)

Alex the Polar Bear (FAIL)

Jack Flynn the Panda drives Squirrel 3S

Jack Flynn the Panda drives Squirrel 3S

Capt. Helepolis drives Stomp Kart

Capt. Helepolis drives Stomp Kart





So, what do you think about the GUI and the characters ? The GUI method still use older version (COREGUI). It must be a great quality game because this is 2nd generation of my game. 2nd generation means i don’t use my old development method anymore (such as GUI Method, Performance Method, and CORE Method). I haven’t made all the character, I’m too busy, there are 40 videos request from by big bro and a tons of stupid homework. This below i’ll tell you about Nitro Racer XD development book


Main unlocked Characters

  • Alex (Probably will be deleted and changed to MiME) drives Basix Kart (MiME drives SV Butterfly S2)
  • Jack Flynn drives Squirrel 3S (LOL, the model is from Chaparral 2J)
  • The Frig drives Speedy Kart
  • Clarity drives Candy Kart with Carbon fiber hood
  • Willy (A character from Wild West Showdown) drives Guitar Kart
  • Capt. Helepolis (Nano botz main character) drives Stomp Kart
  • Cuber (Penguin TNT 1st generation character) drives Penguin cube car
  • Penelope Guin (Penguin TNT 2nd generation character) drives Ice Kart. She probably will be replaced with Lollipop Girl (Name is not finished), because Penelope has short leg bones and too much triangles.

Power Up (Pickupable)

  • TNT
  • 50% NOS
  • Engine Cooldown
  • Bomb
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Glitch

Power Up (Chargeable)

  • Dash
  • Big Nitro
  • ?
  • Big Sticky Cake
  • Windy FX
  • Triple Missle
  • Cube Tires
  • Raining Crystal
  • Freezes
  • Fogging
  • Blizzard
  • Releasing Mouses
  • Nails
  • Blind
  • Power Hear
  • Cannon
  • Epic Dash

So what do you think ? Do you have any idea for power up ? Anyway, ALL MODELS FROM NITRO RACER XD ARE NOT DOWNLOADED FROM 3D MODEL SITE, I MODEL IT MYSELF (I have the C4D file and it’s originally me + backup files)



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