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Imagination XD as Democratic Indie Game Studio


Name Change

I probably going to change Laboratories XD name to Imagination XD. The reasons i want to change Laboratories XD name is :

  • Laboratories XD is a freaking weird name for a game studio name.
  • I’m changing this game studio status from just Indie Game Studio to Democratic Indie Game Studio

LXDGen2LogoThis is the new logo for Imagination XD. This logo has some meanings

  • This logo shape is infinity shape, which mean, Imagination is infinity.
  • This logo also shape like XD

Democratic Indie Game Studio

I’m going to make this studio into a democratic indie game studio. I have some reasons why i change it to Democratic…

  • We’re going out of ideas for a game after Personified Fear.
  • We’ve too much request from other people to make it as Democratic Indie Game Studio.

This means everyone can send me a game making requests. However, it still have a terms and conditions. Why ? Because making game is not easy. This below is the terms and conditions. Oh don’t worry, it’s just a short text.

  • I do not accept high complexity game request, such as realistic FPS game, realistic physics driving game, or game like the sims. I accept high complexity game if the story quality is good.
  • Since i have slow internet connection, i do not accept game above 500MB.
  • Requested game story must be clear. Instance, “Samurai Puppy in the Magic Kingdom” not “how about a fps game?” (I can do FPS game, what’s the main theme???)

Okay let just simplified it. You say a game title (must be original, like “Samurai Puppy in the Magic Kingdom” not “Battlefield”) to me and I’ll discuss with my Story Writer (Junardy). If its good, I’ll make it. Otherwise, if it’s bad, I’ll reject it.

If your requested game has accepted and finished you’ll get a free full version of your game (I’m still thinking about this, since i have slow internet connection). But your name will probably not credited.

So this is the accepted requests from other peoples.

  • Personified Fear (Request from my classmates)
  • Unknown RTS game (Request from my History teacher)
  • Samurai Puppy in the Magic Kingdom (Request from Vauser von Shepherd)
  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]

And also a backup request. Just in case if there’s no one sending me a request

  • Complete Mayhem
  • Voltage
  • Polkadot


Started making games since 13 year old. 3D CGI Weeaboo | VFX Otaku | Anime Researcher | Indie Game Dev | VR Chuunibyou

3 thoughts on “Imagination XD as Democratic Indie Game Studio

  1. When I saw the name, I though it was emoticon “XD” xD
    Then when I see the logo, I though it was broken infinite symbol then I realized it was combination between X and D letters. Wow, so creative :3.

    • AUEHUAEHAUUHEA… yeah… thanks :D
      this logo’s inspiration came from:
      1. i think that imagination is infinity
      2. xD means fun / a lot of fun
      3. this logo is also inspired from my teacher when correcting my test paper LOL xD

      • Wow, so there is more meaning xD.
        So, the xD is not just an emote or symbols, but there is still meaning too xD.
        So, the inspiration when correcting test paper xD.


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