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IMGXD as a Loser with capital L

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If this post annoyed you so much, you can just simply un-follow my blog. I don’t want to flood your notification with my worthless posts.

So, I have an idea for my next game named “Personified Fear”, and yes, it’s truly original, i didn’t copy the others idea and that idea was came from about 3 years ago before i post it on my wikia. When i write the Personified Fear story, I was expecting this will be premier game (back then, no one make a game like this concept) or best game ever that i’ve ever made. Yesterday, when i browsing the IndieDB, i found this. It has same concept with mine, use phone as flash light, at haunted school, and other. It didn’t mean i want to sue this game. What i need to talk in here is I’m afraid that other people will considering that I’m an imitator or they’ll ignore mine because we have same ideas. This make me don’t want to make ” Personified Fear ” or make other game anymore.

I also read their feedbacks, other people always have a positive feedbacks, meanwhile i never got positive feedbacks (it’s a chance in a million). What is wrong with my game anyway ? I always tried to make an awesome game. But i always got negative feedbacks, such as : boring, the worst game ever, the ultimate time waster, a piece of s***. That’s why in 2nd generation game, I’ll make a really awesome game.

All people around me knows nothing but mocking me. No one support me making any game. My parent, my teachers, other classmates, they always think that I’m a regular time waster kid. Something that really inspires me and motivates me to always make a game is a post that i found on internet says ” If you quit too soon, You’ll never know what the future might brings. ” but that motivation destroyed after i saw that game. I can predict the future that my game “Nitro Racer XD” or “Personified Fear” has very low rating, nobody cares, or infinite amount of negative feedbacks, or maybe, my Personified Fear would be sued by Dread Out game, Slenderman game, Amnesia the dark descent and even worse, DESURA AND STEAM REJECTS IT. That’s really break my heart, and i think it’s no use anymore, I’ll get rope and go to my school’s tree, and hang myself there.

Thanks for reading.


Skipper Centurion the Loser with capital L.



Started making games since 13 year old. 3D CGI Weeaboo | VFX Otaku | Anime Researcher | Indie Game Dev | VR Chuunibyou

One thought on “IMGXD as a Loser with capital L

  1. Hey,

    Don’t be discouraged if you receive negative feedback about your work. Try to take it as criticism that you can use to your advantage; to help you improve your work! Also, don’t take the comments on your work too personally or let them get to your head too much. Try to filter out the people with nothing constructive to say and take the constructive feedback on board for your next attempt!

    Not everyone is going to like what you put out, there’s no getting away from that. That doesn’t mean you should just give up! If you really want to make games and it’s something you enjoy and you are passionate about, don’t let some random people on the internet or people mocking stop you from doing that.

    Over time you’ll gain more experience and get better at what you do and who knows, maybe your next game will find an audience! If it doesn’t, talk to the people who tried it and take that experience on to your next attempt.

    It might take some time, but if you keep at it and grow as a developer, you can get to where you want to be eventually.


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