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[Tutorial] Semi Realistic Rain Effect with Shuriken


Works with Unity Indie too. At least Unity 3.5. I use Unity4 Pro Trial.

I found this relatively cool effect with Shuriken.It works with any terrain, and very fast! I search on google about how to make a rain effect in Unity, and all the result are long and difficult. I also check how is the rain effect in Angry Botz, they use a script to generate a rain ! And my reaction of those two was ” AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!”

With this, you can make semi realistic rain effect in just 5 minutes.

  1. First, go make a Particle System in Game Object > Create Other > Particle System. Set the rotation to 90,0,0
  2. 1rain
  3. Set the start Lifetime to 3 (It’s according how far you put the particle system with the terrain), set the Start Speed to 10, Start Size to 1, Start Color to 192,192,192,255, Max Particles to 10000 (according how large is your place), and rate to 3500 (according how large is your place).
  4. Rain2
  5. Set the shape to Box, and set the X and Y according to your scene range.
  6. 3
  7. On renderer, set the Render Mode to Stretched Billboard, and length scale set it to 5.
  8. 4R
  9. Now set the speed of rain. Set The Velocity over life time on Y axis to -30. and the space is World
  10. 5
  11. Let’s set the collision layer now. Select your object to collide (Not all object! because it’ll be very slow, just important objects! like terrain, platform, or buildings). Mine is NoShadowDuo. what’s yours ? (ignore that static)
  12. 7
  13. Now back to particle system and turn on the collision. Set the space to World (it says Plane as default). Slow huh ? I know right ? Set the bounce to 0, and lifetime loss to 1, Set the Collide with Nothing, then set it again to your collision layer (mine is NoShadowDuo). Set the collision Quality to Low and Voxel Size to 5. Much faster.
  14. 6
  15. Turn on Sub Emitter, press Plus button on Death particle System.
  16. 8
  17. On sub emitter object, turn on Color over lifetime, and set it 255 alpha on 80% and 0 alpha on 100%
  18. 10
  19. On sub emitter object, set the renderer material to water splash (if you have a water assets. It available on Unity > particles assets)
  20. 11
  21. On sub emitter object, turn on Size over life time, and set the curves like this
  22. 12
  23. Check again your sub emitter object, and make sure the value is like this
  24. 12_2
  25. Now look what have you done !
  26. DSC_64653


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4 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Semi Realistic Rain Effect with Shuriken

  1. The splash effect is only visible in the preview, not if I press “Play”. What can be the cause of this?

    • Check your sub emitter on your Particle System. Make sure the splash was on Death sub emitter.

      If still can’t preview, then you should set it to Collision. I forgot that if you use Death sub emitter, you should adjust the lifetime again.

  2. I know this extremely old but it really helped me out. Great tutorial Thanks man. I also love the “And my reaction of those two was ” AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!”” lmao


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