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Nitro Racer XD Released on Desura

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Desura Digital Distribution

Nitro Racer XD kart competition is now open! There are more than 8 character were joined this competition and three banned character also joined this. You may ask how long is the competition. Well, it’s more than 60 races with track length at least 3 Km. Races in 7 different themes and defeat 6 tracklords so you can go to other portal. You can also upgrade your kart’s engine, tires, NOS limit. You’ll need to upgrade your kart, because the other player will never ever let you win.

With a Physics based kart that can run about 78 Kmh, can you win more than 60 races in this competition ?

Desura Digital Distribution
buy Nitro Racer XD on Sellfy @ $1.99 (no updates)
Nitro Racer XD


Helepolis has a mission to Lagexina Solar System. While he was in the middle of Authasica Solar System and in above of Conhael planet, his spaceship suddenly ran out of fuel, then he was falling to Conhael planet.

He didn’t bring any money there, and he only have a kart. Because he need that kart for that mission. He asked Alex about where can he found money, and Alex recommends him to join Turbulence Cup. Helepolis decided to join Turbulence Cup and expect he can win that race. He needs money to fix his spaceship and do the mission.

He didn’t really listen to the rules, and finally, he lost the competition (his kart is destroyed). Why did he lost ? Someone use TNT, and he accidentally hit it, and he don’t know how to avoid the TNT. and then TNT explodes! He yells that the players was cheating.

Then, he was branded as “The Slowest Chicken” by Vertex. Helepolis so sad, and he was hoping that one day he could defeat Vertex. One day, Vertex saw Helepolis practicing in Turbulence Desert with his signature kart named “PaperKart”. Vertex laughed him so hard. But Helepolis didn’t respond Vertex and continue driving.

The Next day, Helepolis’ kart was stolen by Vertex. Helepolis also became mad and want to defeat Vertex, but however, he hasn’t a kart now. All of his friend became so sad, and they decided to make a new kart for Helepolis named “Stomp Kart”.

Then, Helepolis joins the latest competitions named “Nitro Racer XD”. Vertex surprised that Helepolis has a new kart. However, Vertex still underestimates Helepolis. Vertex bets his kart and $10,000 as a reward for winner, and the race begins on Accelerated Graphic Port.

On final lap, Helepolis still lead, and Vertex couldn’t chase him. Then, Vertex decided to cheating by glitching or destroying the track colliders. Vertex seems a little bit unlucky today. That’s true, Vertex is leading, but he’s stuck at the Heat Sink Fan section and he keeps trying to glitching back to the track. Well, Helepolis now leading, and it just a few kilometers to the finish line. Vertex cheated again, now Vertex was really far from the finish line. Helepolis won the race!

Vertex don’t want to give him the rewards, Vertex also said that Helepolis was cheating by not using Nitro Engine (He was use Sunfire Engine). Helepolis and his entire friend can’t do anything but rematch from first to last.


  • 30+ tracks with at least 3 kilometers length.
  • 17 Playable Characters with different power ups.
  • 7 Different Themes with 6 bonus themes.
  • 6 Fast bosses that you need to take them down.
  • More than 10 pickupable power ups.
  • First Person View. Looks like you are in there, racing with them.
  • Physics based kart.
  • 3 Hidden Characters.
  • Kompressor optimization mode. It wont lag on anywhere.
  • Upgradeable engine in career mode.
  • 30 challenges, and 6 championships.
  • 8 Stages of Difficulty on Arcade Mode (N00b, Easy, Not Bad, Keep Calm, Blame it lag, FFFUUU!!!!, IT’S OVER 9000!!!, IMPOSSIBRU!!!)
  • Support Sony Playstation(R)3 Joystick
  • Unlock 30+ tracks by Playing Story mode!
  • Unlock all characters by winning Championship in Story mode!
  • Every tracks has their own Landmarks. Means every tracks don’t have same environment.
  • Estimated time to finish this game (including unlocks all characters) : more than 18 hours (66 races, long length tracks, most of it are 5 laps race, and difficult AI)


  • Alex | COOLMUNITY 62C-V
  • Jack Flynn | Squirrel 3S
  • Frig the Frog | Speedy Karty
  • Clarity | Kartboard Box
  • Capt. Helepolis | Stomp Kart
  • Willy the Wolf | Black Samba G3-R
  • Crystal | iScream Sand Witch
  • And 9 more unlockable characters!


  • Western (Firewalker Town)
  • Downtown (Ring Road)
  • Ice (Frosted Wolf)
  • Candy (Kandytone)
  • Halloween (Haunted Place)
  • Underwater (Underground Tunnel)
  • Safari (Cell Jungle)
  • Cardboard Box (Boxville)
  • Fantasy (Cloud Kingdom)
  • House Party (Penthouse Apartment)
  • Space (Universal Serial Bus, and Binary Track)
  • Computer (Circuit Board)
  • INTERNET! (Interstellar.NET)

System Requirements

  • 2 GHz CPU or faster (tested on 1.33GHz AMD Dual core notebook with good settings @ 20FPS, tested on 3.10GHz Intel Core i3 PC with Fantastic settings @ 65FPS.) THIS GAME IS NOT RECOMMENDED PLAYED IN NETBOOK OR COMPUTER LESS THAN 2 GHz. AT LEAST DUAL CORE. IF YOU WANT FANTASTIC GAMEPLAY, REQUIRES AT LEAST CORE i3 @ 3.10GHz (But there’s some lag on some over crowded track (just 2 tracks))
  • 512 RAM (1GB is recommended)
  • Windows XP SP2 or later
  • DirectX 9.0c or later
  • Shader model 2 graphic card (Shader model 3 is recommended, but It’ll automatically turn off some shaders on Shader model 1 graphic cards)
  • 400 MB Free hard drive space


  • Programming, Designing, 3D Modelling (90%, 10% from other resources / recycled), Music (40%), Tester, Developer, Texturing : Skipper Centurion (TNTCENTURION)
  • Story by Junardy U. and Skipper Centurion
  • Kart Design by Junardy U. and Skipper Centurion
  • Crystal’s Kart design by *Forever–Sparkling on deviantArt
  • Musics by Kevin MacLeod(15%), Quazar of Sanxion(2%), Robin(43%), Skipper Centurion (40%)
  • Using : Unity3D Free Version 4.0, PlayerPrefsX, Detonator, LeanTween
  • Skyboxes : Remus, Socksky, Hirato, Emil Persson
  • Alex, Frig, Willy, Luke, and Rico voices : Roberto K.
  • Capt. Helepolis, and Sin voices : Junardy U.
  • Robz voice : Robin
  • Crystal, and Clarity voices : Jessica T.
  • Jack, Neville, Skypapa : Oddcast TTS
  • Everthing else : Skipper Centurion

Contact me

If you had any problem, like bugs (Major or Minor), ideas, or any other question. Don’t hesitate to ask me on my formspring, my email or my tumblr.

Facebook (Account)
Facebook (Page)
laboratories (Blog)
laboratories (tumblr)
Yeah, if you could just like my game and give a positive feedback, that’d be great. Any comments or feedbacks are appreciated. Thanks for liking / tracking.


I’m going to try to be nice when I say this but I can only sugar-coat so much, so….

Your game isn’t very good. At all.

I tried your demo and in the first 2 minutes I ran into major glitches regarding controls, the worst being that half the time I’d reverse back a small distance, try to then drive foward; the game ignored my keypresses and continued reversing at full speed.

The handling is incredibly awkward on all the cars, and they have a tendancy to jitter about when driving. I even had the physics glitch out completely for a few seconds when I hit some boxes, and had to restart the game because the boxes had become stuck in my car.

Graphics-wise, your 3D assets are extremely crude and amatuerish. Many textures aren’t even properly centred on their object. And what textures are mapped correctly look quite poor, especially on the vehicles themselves.

Your starting area is covered in memes, and pictures that are copywritten or owned by someone other than you. This is a pretty bad idea in a for-profit game; you could be sued or cease-and-desist’ed.

I could list more things but I’m running out of text. Bottom line is, you shouldn’t be selling this game. You should be passing it around to as many different people as possible (no, friends don’t count – unless they’re very honest and blunt they won’t tell you your game sucks, to not upset you), and absorbing any and all feedback you get, negative or positive. Then, make another game. Get better at it, and do it again.

Once again, I’m not trying to attack you here. I’m just going to be honest and say that this is a very unpolished, unprofessional, ugly game that you should file under “Learning Experience”. Definitely not under “Sell for $5”.

P.S – I read your blog. Refer to what I said when you think again about why you didn’t win. It has something to do with presentation and polish.



Started making games since 13 year old. 3D CGI Weeaboo | VFX Otaku | Anime Researcher | Indie Game Dev | VR Chuunibyou


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