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Everything Went Better Than Was Expected

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Sorry if I often post something like this.

As the title said, everything went better than was expected on this morning. I thought that my game would be even worse and I thought I’m going to kill myself just because of shameful and guilty feeling. I told my parents about that the game i made, will never be sell anymore. I thought my parent are going to mocking me and sending me to sell some potatoes, and it was not. My mom cheered up me that I should not listen to what internet says. On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog. My mom also said that something success, aren’t instant, maybe I need to learn more about programming, and game designing.

My dad told me that all hard work aren’t always be a success. My game is ” Loved by few, hated by many “. My dad also said that if all people going to kill themselves just because critiques, and then, all game studios, and all Hollywood movies production will close. I have to accept any critiques, but I don’t know why I can’t. My dad recommends me to make a game that really simple, fun, and also rare (like Angry Birds).

Today, at school, I told my friend that this game was criticized very bad and I thought they are going to mocking me everytime. And it was not, my friend said ” it’s okay that we didn’t get anything on doing this project. You can depressed if we’re really working on a game studio. Yeah. You have to pay electricity bills, and other bills alone.But, we’re just a high school students, our parents pay all the bills. So it’s okay, if we didn’t get anything. What did they expect ? ” Yeah… I think it’s true. But, I only tell one of my friend (Robz’s voice cast), i don’t want to tell other crew. You know what ? No… They’ll mad at me. I hate one of my crew that never want to do what I request. Well… It just a little thing, like ” Can you help me making a horror story ? ” and this it what they said to me, ” DUDE!!!! I’m not going to do that, because you don’t give me money. ” or sometimes “Dude. I forgot. I’ll bring it tomorrow. “, and ” Dude… I’m busy. Stop asking me to do that! ” Well… I never denied to help him to do their homework. ” Dude, can you do my homework ? “, and then I replied ” Sure, why not ? “, ” Dude can I ask you something. I want this very badly, but can you do me a favor download this for me ? “, and then I replied ” Sure. No problem. ” I think he’s trying to kill me, that he has a better, and faster internet connection than me. On the next project, I never asks him to contribute in my game anymore, because the answer always like that above.

And also, at school, when I read all emails and comments in Desura, it really build up my spirit of making games. Yeah… I’m really glad that someone finally likes my works. My mom, my dad, my friend (Robz’s voice cast), Bob Gray, SyndicateRZR, and Edgar, thanks for cheering up me and build my spirit of making games. Thanks for everything. I’ll update Nitro Racer XD soon, probably on October. Fix the physics problem, the controller, delete the memes on this game, add new requested character and add new tracks.

I’m sorry for the memes on my game. I thought it was free to use. And I’m not meant to earn profits by making a memes on this game. It actually a placeholder for empty Billboards that I already told here.



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One thought on “Everything Went Better Than Was Expected

  1. Don’t even think about the negative stuff. Just put it straight out of your mind. I honestly think that your game is fun. I bought it today and I’m enjoying playing it – it’s crazy and fun and imaginative.. I’ve played big commercial games that didn’t have nearly as much fun and imagination as your little game. So, don’t sweat it! If there are things you’re not happy with, you can work on them at your own pace and release new versions as you like.

    I’ve actually been making games for a long time and I know that yours is good, you put a lot of work into it and that people are just not understanding it. People are more tempted to post negative comments to make them feel smarter about themselves than they are to post positive comments to tell you that you did a good job. It’s easy to pick fault than to appreciate the good stuff. Forget about them. Make games because it makes you happy and brings you joy and know that there will always be at least some people out here who will find the same joy from them.

    I think you have a lot of talent and I can see from this game that you are going to just get better and better. Keep up the awesome work so that we have more of your games to play in the future, okay?! :)


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