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Personified Fear Development Stuck

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I really had no idea what I want to do with this game. I probably had an amnesia a week ago, and now, I was forgot what to do with this game. I’m going to open the Development feedback for this game by uploading the version video, and then you comment what you want, just like Escape From The Laboratories. Well you know Personified Fear ? It’s a FPS horror game that requested by classmates and the location are real location (My School. Yeah… I crafted it so accurate :D ). And it also the last game i develop on High School ( I can’t believe this was so fast :'( . From my first game, Shooting Star , that I made when I was in a Junior High School. )

Current version is V0.12, and the gameplay just like this :

  • Find the way out. Yeah! It just same with Escape From the Laboratories.
  • Solve some locked door’s puzzle. Some doors were locked, and you have to solve the puzzle. Just like I saw on Mystery Ravenhearst.
  • Some doors may not require puzzle to solve, but they keys were hidden somewhere. Just like on Wild West Showdown.
  • ” Ahh!!! A zombies! Quick! Grab your weapon! Ah! A baseball bat! ” First person hitter. It looks like you are hitting the zombies with your own eyes (something like virtual reality game). Sometimes it has some bugs like jagged transitions, and dizziness. However, I don’t have Kinect, so I just use my BVH Library + Google help.
  • ” Baseball bat + Nails = ? ” Yeah! You can craft your own weapon. But it must be logical. There’s no way a weapon that made with ” Banana + Nails “.
  • In Personified Fear, You are BANNED from using any firearms. Only NPC can use it, both Enemy and Ally. Why so stingy ? Because there’s too much a horror game that use firearms. That would be very easy and not scary anymore…

I still think that this game will be boring. So I need your opinion or ideas for this game. I’ll upload the development videos later.



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