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Nitro Racer XD V1.1D Available now

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I know last version was very bad. In this version, I already fixed all your problems on Comments and Reviews.
This is the requested updates

  • ” I think if you change the brake to break hard and handbrake to drift this would get much more race-feeling. At the moment the brake and handbrake nearly got no function. ” sashusambar.
  • ” I’ve also noticed parts of the game that have images copyrighted by others. Also, memes, which are really not for sale. ” negatronnn
  • ” If I were to suggest any changes, I would say that it’s a little too hard and at the very least the first few races should be easier. “psychicparrot
  • ” I tried your demo and in the first 2 minutes I ran into major glitches regarding controls, the worst being that half the time I’d reverse back a small distance, try to then drive foward; the game ignored my keypresses and continued reversing at full speed. ” villevalohart
  • ” Graphics-wise, your 3D assets are extremely crude and amatuerish. Many textures aren’t even properly centred on their object. And what textures are mapped correctly look quite poor, especially on the vehicles themselves. ” villevalohart “Also, the graphics aren’t worth it for 2.99 USD. There are other cheaper games available that have better graphics than this one. The game is also resource-hungry for a not-so-graphics-wise game. ” negatronnn.

About the Graphic issue, I can’t fix it. Because I’m using Unity3D Indie and I’m not a $$$$$$$$$$ game studio, just a school student. If you really want this game has an epic graphic, you can give me your Unity Pro.
Anyways, this is the updates.

  • ADDED 2 New character. One is a ” Thank You ” character and an ” Update ” Character.
  • ADDED Night mode feature. Driving in a night with high speed is a joy.
  • ADDED Drift feature! (As Requested by sashusambar ) Real drift, drift, grip, or real grip. Some cars may not support real drift (it may lost some grips)
  • Cuber Icon was CHANGED.
  • Meme Placeholder ads CHANGED to Original Ads. (As Requested by villevalohart +negatronnn)
  • CHANGED cloth shader from Particles > Alpha Blended to Alpharized Shadow (Custom Shader). And now it looks more clothlike.
  • CHANGED smooth follow linecasted distance. Now the camera shouldn’t touch the wall.
  • TWEAKED the difficulty of the AI. (As requested by psychicparrot). I thought the AI was too easy. Well, my friend said so.
  • CHANGED the value on skidding. I think it’s too loud when skidding, especially on Drifting.
  • FIXED Brake is now fully functionable. Earlier version’s brake was seems very useless. (As requested by sashusambar )
  • REMOVED Git-R feature. Now you can reverse and then accelerate without having problem with the transmission. (As requested by villevalohart )
  • SAVED Level Load Fade V2 from NullReference bug. On earlier version, they were cried for hidden pause menu on main menu because they can’t find it.
  • FIXED Major bug on Character Selection menu. Earlier version was just like this, if you unlock one secret character, then you’ll unlock all characters.
  • FIXED Texture problems (From 2.5MB / character to 500KB / character). It saves a lot of hard disk spaces.
  • FIXED Vertex’s kart texture. (As Requested by villevalohart +negatronnn)
  • FIXED secret character bug on character selection menu (they just got unexpectedly blackout).
  • FIXED some view problem on Skypapa, and Neville.
  • FIXED sound pitch bug on kart engines.
  • FIXED waypoint absent checker. Now it just support more than 40 characters.
  • And many more. I don’t know….

This probably the last update for Nitro Racer XD. I’m tired working all day, up all night, forget my homework, and late to school but everyone hates my hard work. I’m planning to make Nitro Racer XD 2 and Micro Racer XD. You can read it on my blog.Thanks for downloading!
I hope you really like it this time :D

Nitro Racer XD

Nitro Racer XD V1.1D – Desura



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