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[Research] Metaballs as Hyper Realistic Water

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I got this idea when i brush my teeth on bathroom. I think that Metaballs can make hyper realistic water, just like real flow. But however, this will take a lot of performance. And I also didn’t test this if this works, I only make research. This can be run on both INDIE and PRO, but if you want much much much more realistic, you need Unity Pro. The metaballs script can be found here.

  1. Go make metaballs script by copying from the link i gave.
  2. Make a sphere mesh. You should make sphere mesh not from Unity’s sphere, but you should make your own with your 3D application. Make your own sphere mesh with 6 segments.
  3. Import it to Unity.
  4. Add a rigidbody in your sphere mesh. The Physic material must be like medium bouncy. If you want the water to stick to the surface, you don’t need to add Physic material.
  5. Check if your Sphere mesh already have MESH FILTER, MESH RENDERER, METABALL, SPHERE COLLIDER, and RIGIDBODY.
  6. Save as Prefab.
  7. Clone it till you drop and see it flow.
  8. INDIE, about the shader, just use REFLECTION > UNLIT. Ignore any lightning, because you don’t need any lightning on this thing.
  9. PRO ONLY, about the shader, use Refractive shader so it can be much much much more realistic, and then your computer will explode.
  10. Want more realistic ? Add caustic! But i don’t know how to make a caustic…

I’m still not sure if this gonna works, because as what I said, this is just a research, you can develop it further.



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