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[Research] Realtime Global Illumination Unity Indie


Again, I found this when I was taking a bath on my bathroom (man! Bathroom was my source of inspiration!). My shirt was red, and my bathroom was dark and I saw that the wall become red. I think that realtime GI can be made by using point light. Here’s my research, you can develop it further.

  1. Add a Point Light Game Object and set it as a Child of your object that you want to add a GI.
  2. Set the render mode on Point Light to Important.
  3. Also, set the position of Point Light to 0,0,0. So it could be centered on your object.
  4. Optional, if you only want that environment to receive a GI, you can set your Environment object’s layer to ” Environment ” and you also need to set the GI Light’s Culling Mask only ” Environment “.
  5. If your object are long, you can add more point lights.
  6. You should adjust the GI Light intensity and Range. Make it more realistic.

Yeah, it’s very simple right ? This is just a research, you can develop it further. And here’s my screenshot.

Unity - shh_hh.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone



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2 thoughts on “[Research] Realtime Global Illumination Unity Indie

  1. This is extremely bad for performance, point lights are very expensive in performance and adding loads of them is a very bad idea!

    • Ah yes, it has very expensive performance, but if you only use it on one important object (like player), it has no problem.

      But if you add many point light in useless object / unseen object (like crates or something like that), then yes, it’s slow. It’s even slower if you turn on the shadow.

      And Plus! Dark texture doesn’t need Realtime GI (Black / brown shirt doesn’t illuminate right ?)

      Please NOTE :
      This is a [Research] Post, means, you can develop it further or find your own solution to make it better.


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