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[Stuck] Personified Fear Development on Hold

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Yet another personal blog’s post. Ignore this if you don’t want to waste 30 minutes of your life. Oops, my bad habit, I love to write useless things. It contains about 1141 words.

I think that Personified Fear will be the worst game ever made. I’ve played it and you know how is the gameplay ? It’s simple, we kill the zombies and get outta here. I think it’s super boring. There are a plenty of game like that (killing zombies and get outta here). I really need serious idea. I asked idea from Facebook groups, and my Facebook page (I haven’t ask for idea on my DeviantArt page. But I’m 117% sure nobody cares about that), but all they want is just heavy gore. Yeah my game is already heavy gore, but it seems so cheap / unpolished. I’m making a research to combine Unity3D with Endorphin, so the game motion will be like GTA V, but I think it’s impossible to combine Unity’s Animator with Endorphin. However, I still have an on-going research about combining Unity’s Animator with Unity’s ragdoll.

I also received an idea from Facebook groups, and it was totally awesome idea. But I’m planning to set it as Personified Fear’s Arcade mode. As I told before, the game name was NOBODY LOVES ME. And here, I’ll describe the gameplay of Personified Fear CORE DEMO :

  • Limited Inventory System. If you don’t upgrade your rucksack, you’ll only be able to bring 10 different items.
  • Strict and Logical craft mode. There’s no way you can craft a baseball bat with nails without nails and hammer.
  • Strict and Brave weapon system. This game was supposed to kill zombies with objects near you. Since it was really difficult, I changed it to Torch. If you drop a torch, the room will have a fire. (Logical…)
  • Strict flashlight system. People requested to make the room darker, but must have a flashlight. I think that’s not enough. So I added a battery limitation. There’s Basic Flashlight, LED Flashlight, Xenon Flashlight, and Neon Flashlight. Each has a different ability, for instance, Xenon Flashlight: Super Bright, Up to 30m range, but consumes a lot of battery.
  • Stamina system. You can earn stamina by eating chocolate and it’ll gives you more damage.
  • Logical armor system. There’s no way you can run fast while you are wearing iron armor.
  • The settings sets on my school.

I’ll upload the gameplay preview (CORE level (not so far as what you expected)) on November or End of October. I had really slow internet. After I upload it, I expect all of you would give me a feedback, i don’t care if it’s negative or positive.

All my friend demands it, but I think the internet don’t demand it because I found no fun on this game. This game’s gameplay was same with other, so why would they bought this game ? I have a vision that this game won’t be success. This is the reason why I said this game is the worst game I ever made :

  • Static / Flat / Linear storyline, same with Wild West Showdown.
  • Ugly main character model. Have you ever see the main character face of Personified Fear ? I bet you’ll puke a lot.
  • Very very bad animation motion. That’s why I need 2 Kinects. I need kinects not for entertainment, I need it for work. So I can make a better animation. On Nitro Racer XD Sales, I expect to buy this thing, but then everything changed when the fire nation attacks. (haha, I made me laugh)
  • Lack of zombie animation motion.
  • Lack of zombie model ideas.
  • Lack of gameplay idea.
  • And many more!

I want to give you the Personified Fear’s Blueprint book, but can I really trust you ? The information inside this book, will give people bright and rare ideas. But for the scenario, i think i can trust you. No! Obviously no. I only give you the remixed story.

So, I’ll publish the CORE DEMO to all people on IndieDB, and release the Remixed story on IndieDB on November or October 2013. If people said the gameplay was great or they give me a great idea, I’ll continue, otherwise, I’ll throw this game into a trash can and start thinking a new game. Probably “Samurai Puppy in the Magic Kingdom”.

I only have time till April 2014. If I don’t made it to Imagination “This is it!” then I’ll probably leaving forever. Why I said so ? Because, I’ll probably graduate on April 2014, ends my teenage life and start looking for a life. Imagination “This is it!” is a sequence of my life that happens after my dream as game developer reached, meanwhile Imagination “Leaving” is a sequence of my life that happens if my dream as game developer does not reached, and back to be a typical person.

The only problem with “Leaving” sequence is I can’t find a job after I graduate. That’s very useless I have great skills on FL, Photoshop, Unity3D, and C4D but just work as $80/month graphic designer. All my friends gets so excited on college life, they all asking each other what college they’ll go and what major they’ll attend. Meanwhile, I wont attend any college in my town. Why ? Because there are lack of skills value or could I say, not worth to study, because they’ll just taught you about the basics. And the second, as I told before, I’m not a spoiled kid, means I wont get anything I want if I don’t have money to pay for it. But my brother recommends me to join a Japan Education thing (I forgot what its name). Seriously dude! I only great at Computer and English subjects!  I can’t do math even I’m Asian! (I didn’t tell my parents if I can’t do math.)

Everyday, I search for a job in my local newspaper, and you know what ? Marketing, Salesman, Office boy, Graphic Designer, Operator, Cook, and Maid. Do you think I can do all those jobs ? Well, i think it’s only Graphic Designer i can do. I have a bad habit, Ultimate Shyness is my bad habit. It makes me feel nervous when talking with other people in the public. I also tried to looking for a job on the internet. Game developer jobs and other computer-related jobs requires 3 years experience and fresh college graduate. Seriously dude! I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience. Non sense! I started to do Photoshop since 2007 (or when I was 10), started make 3D on 2008 or 2009. Well, I probably going to work with my brother as a VFX Artist. That will pay me about $40/videos.

So, the conclusion is, I’m going to upload Personified Fear demo and You have to speak up your mind.

Thanks a lot for reading this post. Even though this post was useless, but it makes me feels better and I don’t even know how.



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