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Nitro Racer XD V1.2A Available Now!

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Nitro Racer XD V1.2A Available now on Desura! Now you can join Drift Mode event, drift at night with few person. PLUS! Lumos Powered Game Center.

Heyo everybody.

I received a bug report that you’ll have a NullReference Bug if you update from V1.08A to V1.2A or V1.1D directly. Deleting user data are very recommended. But Delete User Data if you had a problem with story mode. Deleting user data can be done in Main Menu > Settings > Delete User Data.

So, in this version I’ve made so much changes. And this is the lists

  • Added Social Features (Achievement, Leaderboards, Thanks to Lumos Powered. The Cool Achievement Icon by
  • Added Players limit on Arcade Mode
  • Added Drift Mode
  • Added New Character
  • Added Graphic Enhancement (Global Illumination, Vignetting, and Other shaders effect)
  • Added Unlock Message
  • Added the number on choosing character
  • Added the description on unlocking character
  • Added Seasonal Feature on Main Menu (but it was only Halloween, other season will be added on next update)
  • Added a fade on choosing the track.
  • Changed some SFX
  • Changed AI Difficulties
  • Changed Main Menu’s render settings
  • Changed Wrong way animation
  • Fixed Capt. Helepolis physics bug
  • Fixed Pickupable bug
  • Fixed Reverse Animation bug
  • Fixed night mode bug in Boxville
  • Fixed Some texture
  • Fixed a bugs on Credits scene
  • Fixed Track Choosing’s Nitro Rendering. (Earlier version has no shadow)
  • Fixed Track Choosing’s Track preview (Now I added a shadow)
  • Fixed some main menu’s layout
  • Fixed some CoreGUI issues
  • Fixed the shader on Icy Peaks Flag.
  • Fixed the shadow on game. Now I activated dual shadow. Blob Shadow and Realtime Shadow.
  • And Many More, I forgot to made a changelog.

So, the Seasonal Mode will be added soon (Just got this idea yesterday). Seasonal Mode, means a mode where you can only access on a certain month or date. Halloween Seasonal Mode is Crushing A zombie as many as you can, and Smashing Pumpkin. Christmas Seasonal Mode is Sending a gift. And many more!
So, on the next update, There would be more modes, not just Arcade Mode and Drift Mode. But Plus Seasonal Mode and Challenge mode.

Thanks for Downloading Nitro Racer XD

I hope you’ll get a lot of fun with it

Happy Halloween :D

Nitro Racer XD

Nitro Racer XD

Nitro Racer XD V1.2A

Nitro Racer XD V1.2A

What’s New on Nitro Racer XD V1.2A ? – Desura



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