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Personified Fear Demo Released

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As what I said before, this game will be scrapped. I uploaded the ZIP installer here.

Last build : 4:27 PM 10/29/2013

Personified Fear by Imagination XD

this game canceled due to the quality of gameplay. This is all an unfinished environment. So, I expect not to complain about environment, because this is all unfinished environment. The finished Mission CORE only Go To, Protect and Kill. This is full list of unfinished Missions : Spy, Wave Survival, Protect and Go, and searching component. I added crafting option, but I only made Large box of Nails. Just add 2 nails on Primary and secondary. This game has so many bugs, and I don’t clean those bugs because I’m thinking to dump this game. The bugs will be clear later.

Here, have a try on Personified Fear Demo. This game will be develop again until I have 2 Kinects or better gameplay idea.

Any feedbacks are welcome. Thanks for playing Personified Fear.



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