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Nitro Racer XD V1.28B Available Now!

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Update comes with a lot of fixes and more activities. Now you can Fight a Zombie, Collect crystal as much as you can, Find a gift, Drift Mode, and Summon bosses. Of course, Multiplayer mode too…

Hello everybody!

Recently I just made an update. Probably a several update, but it has a lot of differences between Version 1.2A. I just received a bug report from myself, that when Halloween is over, the Seasonal Mode CORE gone crazy, banning people to choosing character just because they can’t find deactivated object. I immediately made an emergency update that should be release on early November, but I have slow internet connection, so I have to speed up the update.

I also got a request from Sablicious, that I should made a Multiplayer Mode. And now your wishes come true. But however, I disabled ‘Ready’ function so people can’t enter Multiplayer arena. You can only enter the Lobby. Yeah, I have to working on Multiplayer function. So it probably going to fully working on December or January update. I’m very busy doing my next game.

REMEMBER! Since I was live in South East Asia, the server was located on Japan. So I could speed up the development. And PLUS! This update ONLY available for Full version users. Because if I give this version free, my cloud server will explode. My server only support for 20CCU. Yeah, since this game wasn’t really popular at all, also the full version users only 10, and I also haven’t got even $0 from this project.

So, this is all the changelogs :

  • Added Christmas Seasonal Mode
  • Added Additive Arcade Modes (Zombie Mode, Drift Mode, Summon Boss Mode, and Collect Gift Mode)
  • Added Multiplayer Mode (Underconstruction! ‘Ready’ function will be disable during the development) (Requested by Sablicious)
  • Added New Character
  • Added Roll-a-dice Mode (Requested by Backdraft_3.5)
  • Added Fade on selecting character
  • Fixed Vertex’s time issues (Requested by Backdraft_3.5)
  • Fixed the Character Choosing Lab mesh
  • Fixed the major bug on Choosing Character that caused by Seasonal Mode
  • Fixed locked texture on Choosing Character
  • Changed Secret Character #2 kart’s sound
  • Changed Vertex’s kart sound
  • Changed some material’s shader
  • Changed the position of Choosing Character
  • Changed the shader of chain link fence. Now it shadowed!

Nitro Racer XD

Nitro Racer XD

What’s New on Nitro Racer XD V1.28B ? – Desura



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