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!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 !!!

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I think this New Year Party was better than 2013. Pizza, Anime, Loud Progressive House Music, and Cats. Very different with last year that only 9GAG and Dubstep music. The fireworks was awesome, but it should install a silencer, my cat died once because of them.

I’ve been waiting for 2014 to come, because I feel like I always got bad lucks in year 2013. Started from January 2013, I got heartburn for 1 month, and in this year, I failed to promote my first commercial game.

I’ve been thinking to move on to VFX career and stop making games. I’ve lost all my spirit on making games. Since my latest photo animation was liked by many people, I think I more suitable to work in VFX. Fortunately, I’m a multi-threaded game developer. Which means I can do both VFX and Game Developing.

“New year resolution are just imagination”, they said. “No one has done it” they said. Well, actually, I completed some of my 2013 past year resolutions; such as:

  1. Model a better human (Completed)
  2. Discover photo realistic render (Completed)
  3. Get Unity Pro
  4. Discover 2nd Generation CORE (Completed)
  5. Model own characters at least 20 (Completed)
  6. Learn how to UV-ing (Completed)
  7. Learn better texturing / leave color map texture method (Still using Overlay Pattern, so it doesn’t count)
  8. Be more creative and charismatic.
  9. Release 1 Commercial game at least on Desura. (Completed, but the universe hated it, so yeah)

Well, I bet you wont read this, so I only get a few. And this is my 2014 new year resolutions

  1. Buy Windows 8 64 bit
  2. Buy Nvidia GeForce GT630
  3. Buy 8GB DDR3 RAM
  4. Buy Core i5 processor
  5. Less grumpy
  6. Be more creative and charismatic
  7. Release at least 1 successful game
  8. Release Nitro Racer XD 2 and The Rise of Cat Empires
  9. Release 2 Android Games on Google Play at least on SlideMe
  10. Pass national exam
  11. Have a job in VFX or Game Developing at least as Interior Designer

I guess only that. I make it like mission or quest, so I can accomplish it. In 4 days, I’m going back to school, which means it’s very sucks that I only had 2 weeks holiday.

Well, I guess just that, Happy New Year 2014 Everyone! :D



Started making games since 13 year old. 3D CGI Weeaboo | VFX Otaku | Anime Researcher | Indie Game Dev | VR Chuunibyou


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