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School life ends today

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First of all, I’m sorry that I post a long personal post here.

So, yeah. I finally fought final boss today. The final boss was really tough, it has 160 parts (different questions). Should I be happy or sad ?

We had so many adventures

I don’t really have so many adventures, because I’m not allowed to go outside house. I rather had so much fun in school. Me and my friends did something crazy even my bro said that we’re like jackass. We slide through ceramics with school uniform, we took a picture in every room including toilets and principal offices, we ride a shopping cart in a mall’s parking lot (launch from top level to bottom), and many more.

We had so many fights

In March, I had so many relation fight with my friend just because I refused to do their homework and they also liked to ignore me making me like talking to a wall or sometimes acted that I’m invisible. That made me hated them. I thought this fight will lasts forever, but not. I’m glad this fight over in April. In April, me and all my classmates were like “All Together Now”. No more fights… 

The end of school life / The end of the line

I feel really ancient. I didn’t realize times goes really fast. It has been over 12 years in this school. I had so many awesome memories (I already made a 17 minutes school video named ‘PROJECT-CLARITY’). Listening to Secret Base really makes me cry. So, what to do after school life ?

Everyone seems so caring me

Everyone asked me, “What you do after school life ends ?”, “What college you’ll attend ?”, “What’s your dream job ?”. The answer is I don’t know! Every that information is secret, my top secret. Why ? Because if I can’t do that, I’m sure you’ll laugh at me and make me as a joke. This special question “Who do you’ll marry ?” is also same, I don’t know, and I don’t care if I’d get married or not. My teacher also like to ask me this “Why you don’t want to marry ?”, the answer is I still don’t know about that. I could only buy Uiharu pillow. However, my parent will still insist me. Besides, who’d like a heavy geek / nerd with dyslexia anyway ? 

So what I do next ?

All my friends went to college, I probably don’t go to college, because I don’t have money, and there also no Animation school. In June 2014, I probably start working in printing company and become a young adult (that’s sad, I’m not classified as High School Game Dev anymore). I probably life with infinite loop principal (Eat – Sleep – Anime <- Return). 

But before that, till now, I still had some social problem. The problem is, I can’t talk to other people like other people do. I always feel nervous, lost all my mind and stutter when talking even worst, I changed the order (like “How, Hi are you?”). This probably I’m too shy. I need to fix this problem soon.

All the skills I have from Photoshop to After Effects, seems useless here. But however, I wont give up. Everything I said I’ll give up on Game Deving and Animating is just a joke. I’m very ambitious, I do whatever it takes to reach my dream. Now I have so much time to experimenting with Unity, After Effect, and C4D. 

So, even I’m not a high school student anymore, there’ll still a lot project will going on (From PROJECT LEVEL UP to PROJECT SEQUENCE). Wish me luck…

In The End

Dear My Friend, Even we’re separated with a long distances, I hope we all be happy!
I believe that we’ll met in August 10 years later.
The Best Memories.
IMG_20140416_151528 IMG_20140416_151502
The picture was taken with iPhone 5. Geez, what a really hi tech phone…


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