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Random Rant About Copyright

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NOTE : I’m kinda off for a while. You maybe wont see any research for a while. I’ll be back on August or September, I’m kinda busy on upgrading my CG Level. Sorry about that.

I already had this problem since 2009, and real hate with all those copyrights. The creator of copyright is just like they want an infinite money. I seriously don’t care about copyright.

Remember that day, October 31 2013, my game Nitro Racer XD Full Version was shared freely in the universe by VACE ? Do I really care about it ? I don’t even got a penny from making this game, and my game was shared in the universe, but I ain’t even mad. If you were the creator of Nitro Racer XD, you would kill all of them. I just like “Meh, if they pirated my game, that means my game was nice.” Okay, let’s return to the topic.

So, how can I say that if Copyright is a Creativity Killer. Look, if you are a famous singer, you made a song, and then someone cover your song and said “I do not own this song, all copyright goes to <your name>”, but you still insist to kill / block them, then you’re a total a****le for blocking them.

I feel sad for my client that already made more than 10 fan videos for famous singer as tribute on YouTube. They made it really nice and good, they even always bought original CD and souvenirs. And you know what ? Sorry this video has been copyrighted by “Copyright-thirsty company”. That’s such a waste of time, energy, and internet (it’s a struggle to upload 300MB with slow internet).

Back then, when I was dumb, I made a remix of Canon song and it was blocked by SoundCloud or YouTube. Does that mean Johann Pachelbel going to sue me ? After that incident, I started to compose my own song, even it’s bad as hell.

Because of this, I’m concerned to make A Certain Musical Vocaloid 3D Animation Experiment. Will it be banned by YouTube because I make a crossover video of Vocaloid and To aru Universe ? It such a waste of time if it was banned.

I heard that if you craft a costume of your favorite character, you’ll be executed (copyright) so you have to buy official licensed costume. Licensed costume be like $30,000 and handmade costume only $10 comes with creativity.

If copyright gone crazy, this world’ll be like :

  • You are NOT allowed to craft an action figure from Pencil, Wood, or anything craftable.
  • You are NOT allowed to make a fan art, fan video, tributes to the artist, music cover, or something like that even you wrote their name as big as hell.
  • You are NOT allowed to share anything to your friend. ex: if you want your friend to listen to some music, they have to buy it first.
  • You are NOT allowed to print your favorite poster that you got from internet.
  • You are NOT allowed to tell a news that you read on the internet to your friend. Because your friend have to read it from original source.
  • You are NOT allowed to watch TV together. ONE TV FOR ONE PEOPLE!
  • You are NOT allowed to give a newspaper that you already read to other person. One newspaper only for one people (just like One Antivirus only for one PC).
  • You are NOT allowed to give a charity things, because Poor people have to buy Licensed one.
  • You are NOT allowed to copy someone’s quote / lyrics as your status or anything even you write their name.
  • All drawings be like, “ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT COPY”. There’ll be no fan arts anymore, or “Character X in my style”
  • Every images on the internet will be blank because they afraid you’ll copy it and share it.
  • There’ll be no “Tweet” or “Share” button.
  • “1,000 years of dungeon!” Why ? “Because he shared a file!”
  • Every people in Earth will be dumb as hell because they are not allowed to use their creativity (I’ve seen so many fan crafts on 9GAG, such as Pencil Craft Adventure Time, or famous artist statue made from glass. That thing will probably blocked if Copyrights gone wild) , and they also depends on copyright makers.
  • If it become more crazier, One Software License only for ONE PERSON. That’s mean you are NOT allowed to let your friend use it.
  • Ah so many, it makes me puke copyrights.



Copyright can be accepted as long as it respects other’s creativity too. Fans just want to give you an appreciation, that’s why they made a Fan art, Fan video, or Fan music cover. Don’t be such a d***, Fan arts wont kill you. I’d be very thankful if only I have a fan art, remixed song, or even my works posted on other website.

Some people aren’t just rich as you, so don’t insist poor people to buy $10,000 item just because you don’t want they use a replicated one / handmade. I much like creative commons than all rights reserved s***.

Note : My game or artwork doesn’t have any copyright (I guess mine is Creative Commons), so you may spread it to the universe if you want. As long as people doesn’t misunderstood me (people wont believe if I’m the creator of that thing).



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