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[Blog Post] Unity 5 Realtime Rendered Animation ?

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Everyone was making games with Unity, so I make animation with Unity. Unity was such a good guy greg, Unity 5 free now supports every post processing / pro features. So I decided making animation with Unity. One thing that confused me, why 3D Animation software doesn’t have Mecanim / autorig like features ? I know there’s one named “Motion builder”, but it’s not easy or good as Animeeple or Mecanim. Anyway, I know making animation is not easy, but my mission is to find the easiest, most efficient, fastest and quickest way to make animation, it’s not 1980 anymore.

At first I was going to use Physical Renderer but to render basic environment + 2 characters with my 3D Software physical renderer and it took 4 hours to render 150 frames. It was so long, meanwhile using Unity only took 0.03 seconds per frame (Final render took only 1 to 2 seconds per frame).

As I said before I have a plan on making Original Net Anime with 3D Software but haven’t decided which I’ll use. But before jumps making Original Net Anime, I have to practice or make animation experiments so the viewer can’t yell **** about it. Seriously, I make this free and I didn’t beg even a penny from you or begging for crowdfunding.

These are animation experiment I’m gonna making :

  1. Cosmos – kirin PV
  2. Wedding Dress – Tae Yang dance scene
  3. Kyoani Challenge (Rising, Run > Jump > Hanging, Turn back and scared, Manual Walk)
  4. Nichijou Challenge (Rock paper scissor)
  5. Mecanim Challenge (Running through corridors, Run + Jump on rooftop, Manual Walk / Run, Natural Motion + Facial)
  6. Project Imaginechan shorts
  7. Mitsubishi FTO TVC
  8. Full length PV of my music Colorshift 2 / Signed in
  9. Project Imaginechan Opening Intro
  10. A Certain Musical Vocaloid

Every experiments has different workflow, for instance, wedding dress, I’m gonna make the motion from MMD then export VMD to Unity and start decorating. Cosmos PV will only use Unity 5. Kyoani Challenge will use Unity + Cinema 4D.

Unity 2015-04-23 00-15-21-47.avi_snapshot_00.00_[2015.04.23_19.16.54]Unity 2015-04-23 00-15-21-47.avi_snapshot_00.07_[2015.04.23_19.17.18] Unity 2015-04-23 00-15-21-47.avi_snapshot_00.08_[2015.04.23_19.17.10]

Unity Personal - 2-ZoomIndoor.unity - New Unity Project - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone DX11 APR16CosmosPV (1)

Therefore, I still have so many things to research. Making animation in Unity isn’t easy as you see. You have to deal with Unity’s spline interpolation.


Plus to make your character walking in unity using mecanim isn’t easy like playing games, you have to know how much speed and crossfade time while walking unless you are using Nav Mesh like my realtime animation back then. I put “Speed” state on Mecanim which controlled by NavMesh current speed.

It is so hard that you have to predict when NavMesh will arrive to destination (that’s why it’s easier to use Transform cause Unity wont give you a Live Preview of Mecanim). But making animation using MMD is much easier I say and the physics also looks flawless.




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