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[C4D, Maya, Blender] Convert FBX to MMD


This is not game dev related, but you can also import your MMD’ed FBX model to Unity, and it gives you better physics simulation using stereoarts’ MMD4Mecanim, read tutorial here.

Anyway, I maybe will stop posting about tutorial, cause I think I post too much that my blog almost become educational site. Beside, I think there’s enough tutorial on Unity. I’ll maybe post a research about porting 2D traditional anime to Unity 3D Cel shaded Anime or Unity tips, not tutorial anymore.

On my previous post about MMD, I only tell you how to import PMD or PMX to Unity, but now, I’ll tell about how to make your own MMD model using Maya, Blender, or Cinema4D. You can also import PMD model to Cinema 4D by using MMDTools.

If you already made model with Blender, you could simply jump to step 3, and export it as PMX by using Blender2Pmx.

In this post, I’ll use Cinema 4D.

What you need is

  1. c4dmmd0Prepare your 3D character and get it MMD compatible. Everything must have skin, don’t attach head mesh to head joint. Blendshape is supported on latest version of FBX (2014 or 2015).
  2. c4dmmd1Export to FBX
  3. c4dmmd2Now, open your blender. I use blender 2.76, yep it’s totally fine just use 2.72
  4. c4dmmd3If you had problem with built-in FBX importer, try use Experimental FBX as in 2.72, else, you have to copy experimental FBX from 2.72 to your blender addon folder, along with blender2pmx
  5. c4dmmd4from blender 2.72 folder, copy io_scene_fbx_experimental to your blender addon folder. Do the same with your blender2pmx.
  6. c4dmmd5After you installed both PMX and FBX plugin and turned it on, import your FBX by using Experimental FBX import. Also check automatic bone and manual orientation if you had problem with your model.
  7. c4dmmd6Select all by pressing CTRL + A and export to PMX
  8. c4dmmd7open your PMX Editor and open your PMX file
  9. c4dmmd8Well, now you got your own 3D Model on MMD. I don’t really know how to set up physics on PMX.


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23 thoughts on “[C4D, Maya, Blender] Convert FBX to MMD

  1. Hello, I did follow these steps, but I’m not able to export it to a PMX model. I am using Blender v2.76

    • check the plugin if it installed correctly. It sometimes just wont open on Blender.

      • It worked now. I actually made a stage in a pmx file since I need moving doors and chairs. But, when I convert it to pmx file, there is only one bone available. In blender, the stage is in separate objects, each with their own bones. So should I convert them separately?

      • I wouldn’t use PMX for a stage (since you need object to move, oh well, I thought .x can move too), but yeah, the best is convert them separately, and place it manual

  2. Hi!
    Where i can download “Experimental FBX Import”?

  3. uh ok
    I just downloading 2.78 vers now… The avaiable in the Blender site
    Its will work?
    I need unistall 2.74 and install 2.78?
    (Sorry my bad English)

  4. When I exported a minecraft scene to pmx. The pmx file was 0kb and could not open in pmx editor.
    Could you help me how to fix it? please.

  5. I cannot figure out how to install pmx plugin because it isn’t in English. What do I click to start the installation?

  6. Hello IMGVERTEX
    How can i convert convert .fbx ( with motion) to vmd and pmx?
    I read this topic:

    But i want to convert Fbx model ( not MMD model import to blender) to vmd and pmx.
    Is this possible? Could You help me out?

    • I’m not sure if that’s possible, since MMD got their own bone and also it need to bind with the PMD or PMX first

      • Maybe,It is impossible. Them have diffirent bones . MMD has alot of nice effects,But it is hard to move or use bvh Motion.

        Thank for you answer.

  7. I did your method. But I must fix bone and weigh model in PMXeditor again?

    • I don’t think you need to do it again if your FBX already have skin and that already exported to PMX from blender.

      Because what I do there, skin painting / weight from any 3D software then use Blender to export it as PMX. and on PMX Editor, it just work, without having to do weight model again

  8. Hi when i export the imported model to PMX… Says a error in Root or Encode Type…
    What i can do?

  9. When I try to export the file I get an error saying “‘Mesh’ object has no attribute ‘has_custom_normals'” I’m guessing this has to do with what the first step was saying. How do I fix it in blender, seeing as I don’t have the other expensive modeling programs?

  10. i can’t export to pmx/pmd
    File “…”, line 60, in__init__if root_obj.mmdtype !=’ROOT’


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