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Take 360 Photo and Upload to Facebook with Unity


It’s actually not new thing, but since many people ask me how to do it, then yeah I decided to make some writing about this.


What you need :

So here’s how you do it

  1. Download the 360 Panorama Capture asset and import it to Unity
  2. vrunity_1
  3. Select your main camera or camera to be rendered, and put Capture Panorama. Leave the settings default.
  4. REMEMBER to set the IMAGE FORMAT to JPEG. If you use PNG, you’ll have to convert that again to JPG.
  5. Press play if you see it’s good enough.
  6. In play mode, press [P] to capture the panorama, the screen would fade to black, don’t do anything while screen is black.
  7. Then you’d hear a sound effect and screen fade off. That’s mean the rendering is done.
  8. vrunity_2
  9. Now go to your root folder, folder where Unity put stuff like Assets, Library and stuff.
  10. Now bring those file to where you put the exiftool.exe
  11. vrunity_3
  12. You might need to rename your exiftool to just exiftool.exe
  13. Then press Shift + Right Click on the explorer and choose Open command window here.
  14. vrunity_4
  15. Copy this code to command window
  16. exiftool -ProjectionType=”equirectangular” photo.jpg
  17. That photo.jpg is your 360 photo file name.
  18. Then press [Enter]
  19. And yeah ! You will get the JPG once it done, now it’s ready to upload to Facebook as 360 photo !

Also, I have uploaded few assets on my Asset Store, be sure to check it out.



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7 thoughts on “Take 360 Photo and Upload to Facebook with Unity

  1. Maaan, thank you so much for this! Didn’t know how to get them working in FB. :>
    Quick question doe: apparently the panorama capture should work with image effects on the camera, but it clearly doesn’t in my case. The effects leave behind very specific marks in each of the different angles, which means you can see the edges of the “cubemap”.
    Hope this makes sense. :D

    • From what I test, not all image effects work on the panorama, it’ll always leaves a mark and stuff like that.

      I often disable image effect if I do, I only enable image effect like Color Correction, SSAO, SSRR. Motion blur and DoF will make the panorama looks bad.

  2. Thanks for this post, you help me a lot, but one more important suggestion – we need set Panorama Width to 6000 pix.
    FB accept as 360 panorama only 6000×3000 image.

  3. Hey!! Hello! I want do it, but with videos. It’s possible?


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