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About Imagination XD

Imagination XD is an independent Game and Animation Circle that includes Visual Effects / Special Effects, Realtime render animation, 3D Modelling Service, 3D Animation, Motion Graphic, and Video Editing. Imagination XD has been served clients such as Wiraland, Write Dream Productions, Pilastro, Sarang Tawon, Aplaus Magazine, Lumut Communications, Aniu & the Dessert Gang, Zeribowl, Oishii Sushi, Koka Bento, Garuda Plaza Group, Green Aluminium, Bentang Buana Distribusindo, and Shunkan Studio since 2011. Though it’s a circle, it’s actually only one person, and it’s me.

I currently have a plan doing my first ONA (Original Net Animation) / Webanime soon. A Certain Musical Vocaloid will be my animation exercise project. But, I’ll make a Web Animated Serial, Project-Imajinechan as my Animation exercise.

February 2016 Update (Not Important)

I was thinking to divide Imagination XD to some groups so I can control it easier. I probably change name for future game development from Imagination XD to imgvertex. In fact, I was the only one doing my game and animation, so I think I shouldn’t claim Imagination XD as Doujin / Teams. imgvertex is much more personal and individual.

Imagination XD game only exists on Desura (or which I’ll call it my legacy games), but developer or publisher for future games it’ll be just imgvertex.

I wont use my old version note for my game development anymore, so these are Imagination XD divisions :

  • imgvertex, just like Imagination XD, but more personal and individual.
  • Vertex’s Trash Enrichment Center, Early development build. Early development build will be uploaded online and be tested until it finally OK. Only appear on Early Development Build.
  • Anime Research Club (アニメ研究部), Created especially for Anime styled game / animation. The club I build that consists of my self-proclaimed otaco friends. Discuss anime game / animation with otaco friends.

Just in Case Asked Questions

Q : Can you explain the meanings of your logo ? It looks retarded to me.
A : I’m not really sure what’s the meaning of that logo, indeed it’s kinda looks retarded to me. Full rounded “Imagination XD” text means round has infinite segments, which I can say that Imagination also has infinite segments. Seems retarded isn’t it ? No actually, I make this logo when I’m high. Drinking too much milk tea or tea flavored soda can make me high.

Q : What’s the XD means ?
A : According to my old development book (2011), it says that XD means eXtending Dreams which is completely retarded.

Q : Are you going to change Imagination XD name to imgvertex ?
A : Yeah. Since it’s not a Doujin / Team. And ‘XD’ name on back makes me feel like a retard.

Q : How many times you changed your name ?
A : Not sure, but first was Lintux (2009) > Uranux > Platux > Platinum Penguin > Penguin TNT > Penguin TNT Game Studio (2010) > Crystalscape 3D! > Crystalsnow > Fenolftalein > CollanitySV > Laboratories > Laboratoriesx86 > Laboratories HD > Laboratories XD > Imagination XD (2013) > imgvertex (2016)

Q : Are you going back making games ?
A : Yes, but not now. I’m leveling up my CG Skill, so my future game could be very very epic & awesome. I have plenty of game’s blueprint waited to be made.

Q : I didn’t see any animations made by Imagination XD. Where I can find them ?
A : I sometime upload it on my YouTube channel. But some client just don’t want their animation being uploaded under “Imagination XD” name on YouTube.

Q : How about Original Net Animation made by yourself ?
A : I’ll start filming Project Imaginechan and uploading to YouTube. I just lack of time to do the motions and redrawing every character. But don’t worry, I’ll finish it!

Q : Is Imagination XD a company ? Where I can find it ?
A : Not yet. Imagination XD still a home industry / independent animation studio. I use my house as studio and I’m the only employee here.

Q : Where can I order animation ? What kind of animations you made ?
A : Please fill the form in Contact Me to discuss / briefing / pricing. I accept all range of animation such as TVC, Company Profile, Slideshow, VFX, 3D Animation (Beta, I’m still learning) etc. except 2D Drawing animations.

Q : Who the hell is Nakane Eri ? She looks horrible anyway.
A : She’s official mascot for Imagination XD and also main character of Project Imaginechan. She was named randomly using Random Name Generator. And no, she’s not kind of vocaloid or utauloid or whatever. Her model should be available as downloadable FBX and PMX soon.

Q : What is Project Imaginechan ?
A : Project Imaginechan is a 3D animated short made with Unity. Project Imaginechan actually don’t have any plots or storyline, just a simple 3D comedic short, there also no ending of this web series. The purpose of I doing Project Imaginechan is for my animation exercise. But I planned to make 2 version of Project Imaginechan and it’s 500ml / lite and regular. 500ml / lite has only about 4 minutes and no endings, meanwhile regular is longer than 4 minutes and have some plots. It’ll release freely on YouTube by IMG Fansub lol.

Original Net Animation by Imagination ?

I’m currently having a research on making longer animation and that’s why there’ll be a lot of experimental animations / test before I proceed on making Original Net Animation. Renderer for my animations will be Unity, because it has Mecanim (which I won’t need to redraw locomotion on every character), it was really easy to put objects / decorate room, and I wont need to travel whole Asia to wait the render done.

I also tried to render basic environment + 2 characters with my 3D Software physical renderer and it took 4 hours to render 150 frames. After a long research and test on my first Unity 5 animation, Cosmos PV, and yes, There’ll be Project Imaginechan soon.



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