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Site, Life, Game Update

Hi everyone, yeah, I haven’t post so much awhile, I mostly don’t know what to post and also busy doing lots of stuff here. So I was thinking to create some blog post about what happened with that.

What happened with the site ?

Apparently, I just find out that freenom disable both my domains ( and Which was free and “Oh well” nothing else I can do, I can’t even pay for another domain to shorten the name. Because having to type laboratoriesx86.wordpress is just too hassle, combining with my portfolio site.

Conclusion, I regret naming my blog name as laboratoriesx86. It’s just hard to type and remember.

What happened with the Project IMG game ?

Well, it’s still in hiatus, no progress have been made, but don’t worry, it wont be canceled at all cost. The thing is that I want to grind my 3D modelling skill until I satisfied with it then I can go on overhaul everything on the game.

I’ve recently get some random story ideas I got at school in Japan, and also some environment references. So, I really can’t wait to finally do all of them.

It’s kinda sad that the game was started development in 2016 and in 2017 I’ve stated the game in hiatus and now it’s 2018 still not even any progress been made.

What happened with Life ?

I’d say, currently I’m in the worst phase of my entire life. Lots of issue going on, financial issue, social issue, and so on. It’s just lots of stresses I had to deal with.

I’m trying to sell lots of assets and even opening Patreon to support the financial issue I had, but that doesn’t help much (Except Asset Store, which still able to financially support me a little bit).

I want to thank you to the person who’ve been bought my Assets and keep supporting me. I’m really glad that you like my assets.

Anyway ! Thank you for still following my blog and visiting my blog ! I hope you’ll find my content useful for you ! I’ll post update later if I back to making game again. Have a great day !

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Launched Patreon !

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while I haven’t posted here. I was so busy doing lots of things especially that I already moved to Japan. I mostly still doing lots of 3D modelling exercises. There’ll be new Asset to be sell later on, especially Anime Girls pack.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated with Asset Store stuff and my game updates.

If you feel would like to support me, you can support me on my Patreon.

You’ll get to download my older games (at $6 patron) and Project IMG Beta (at $20 patron)


Thanks a lot for keep supporting me !

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[Project IMG] March Updates

After having friends to test out my February beta build, I’ve received many things to fix, from bug to story. I’ve had so much tension after having them test and turns out my game got a lot of thing to fix. Then I decided to take a rest for 1 week away from Unity, playing games such as Akiba’s Trip, or modelling Megumin.

I feel much refreshed after having break away from Unity. So I’ve done most thing quickly and do major updates in March. Here’s the major changelist I did on my game:

  • [ADD] Rebindable Input for controller
  • [ADD] Door hinge joint removed and added interaction to door
  • [ADD] Post Process changed to Stackable Post Process. Which is faster
  • [ADD] Can change resolution in game
  • [ADD] Autosave option. Will save your progress once you done doing quest.
  • [ADD] Skip able cutscene
  • [ADD] Aimbot fighting, only fight nearest enemy
  • [ADD] Relationship indicator now visible
  • [ADD] CTRL to fast forward VN chatting
  • [ADD] Control information for VN
  • [FIX] Amount of chat for quest
  • [FIX] Camera Field of View changed for indoor scene
  • [FIX] Rain on Marketplace
  • [FIX] Disabled changing cloth while doing certain quest
  • [FIX] Choices no longer pressing to continue, instead, pressing or for controller
  • [FIX] UI Fixes when choosing button
  • [FIX] Progress will saved after you finished first cutscene
  • [FIX] Time are now clamped, no more bugging with the time while using desk activity
  • [FIX] Music fades when changing scene or when become silent at night
  • [FIX] “Money not Enough” but it’s free bug on Train Station
  • And more..

This is the video below :


I also have Unity Asset Store, you probably want to check out. You can also support me from it haha. Have a nice day !


Getting Reported Cause Someone Thinks My 3D Works are from Google Image

Hi everyone, I’ve just being reported by someone who falsely accusing me as fraud or art theft on Facebook.

BEWARE OF THIS GUY. This guy acts like he knows everything and WILL BAN YOU NO MATTER WHAT.

How it actually goes ?

Firstly on a group named Anime Artist, I post some of my artwork there, including 3D Cirno, Nico Yazawa, and Miku. I thought was just having fun there and so promotes my artwork there too.

This guy randomly popped out and says that all my artwork are from Google image. I reply him saying that am actually the original author of all my artwork. I’m trying to be funny and no shows any offensive. And later on this guy replies with saying that am a fraud or fraud is crime act. YEAH I KNOW THAT MATE. YOU THINK AM A FAN OF COPYING SOMEONE ELSE WORK ?! 

I say that am an Anime Game developer. I didn’t show any offensive act. Then he shoves me very offensive talk like Anime dev have 21 chromosome or something like that. I say okies, I still not get rage, that’s okies, then I gave him my Facebook page.

He replies with showing screenshot of my website. Then I say “Whoa you found my website mate.” And after that I don’t know why, he start accusing me that I was a fraud for using fake account. I tried to convince him that both imgvertex instagram and this site is belongs to me.

It’s like this guy gets TRIGGERED from I defending myself.


10 Days Experience Selling Assets on itchio and Asset Store

Hi everyone, just want to share my first experience on 10 days selling my Assets on and AssetStore. Let’s take a look on what I try to sell on itchio and asset store.

Check my asset out

UnityAssetStore (Unity Version) (Non Unity version)

This is my Anime Themed street pack asset for Unity. I’m not going to rant or something, but just sharing my experience.

The asset itself took me about a week to make, on August 25 I finished create whole those assets and ready to submit on AssetStore. But wait ! AssetStore requires you to make new project, cause if you left in your game project, it’ll gonna be really mess on your current project.

After packing all those stuff neat, I finally submit it on AssetStore on August 25. And after wait for a week on September 2, my asset get rejected. My asset get rejected cause I use JPG for texture. Then resubmit it on September 3 with PSD textures.

Finally, my asset got approved on AssetStore on September 8. After that I began marketing process like sharing on Facebook to all my friends, Twitter, Blog, Forums, and Instagram. Both my Instagram and Twitter has 100+ followers. After done with all marketing stuff. It seems like no one buy it yet. I gave up selling it and then I giveaway 6 keys to friends and indie game dev group. I know it just a day, so we can’t see much, and just need to wait longer. I realize that my asset name is wrong and other tags and also the icon were wrong. Then I decided to resubmit again for 2 times.

And today, September 17, I finally updated my asset with screenshot and Youtube video. And do you know how much I made from this ?



Yeah… Even tho I use hashtags like #Unity3D #IndieGameDev and been poking @UnityAssetStore and @itchio but still. I just get retweet and likes from bot. I even have 180~ Twitter follower and 120~ Instagram follower, but I didn’t get any clicks from them.

And this is my itchio links.


I know its not a wow-able asset, I also not hoping I can earn much from this, but is nice if I can earn just one or few of them.

So next, I’ll try to submit another asset pack, Lowpoly Anime Character asset pack later. I hope I can earn some at least.

Thanks for checking my asset out.

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Nakane Eri mod for Left 4 Dead 2

You can now play as Nakane Eri on Left 4 Dead 2 (Replace Rochelle). Phew, it’s really tiring to get my model works on L4D2, I get a lot of missing textures. I’ll probably do more character later, because I need to concentrate on doing my CORE.

Download Here!

Also don’t forget that she also have LINE Sticker!


Thanks for downloading!

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Momoe Line Sticker Available to download! [EN | JP]

EN | 英語


Kitagawa Momoe is now Available to download on LINE! She’s character for my upcoming game. She claimed to be console gamer, but she’ll get mad if you call her “Console Peasant”. Well, short, console gamer, tsundereish, flat, how bad could it be ?

Also check out Nakane Eri Line Sticker here!

Thanks for downloading!


JP | 日本語




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Nakane Eri Line Sticker !


Yeah, my first Line Sticker!!! I’ll do Other variation with other outfit and other character later. Anyway, I should release it both Japanese and English version, but I don’t know how. So yeah, next version will have both language.

Thanks for downloading!!!



The Process

The actual idea I was making Nakane Eri Line Sticker is because I wanted to test out my blendshape and model if this model is fully animateable. I can’t draw so I just use 3D renders.

I began making it on December 3, 2015. And yeah, it’s full 3D, I just use Cinema 4D’s Sketch and Toon.


And all was finished on December 5, 2016. And then Midnight Rendering!!!


Rendering finished on December 6, 2015. Phew, rendering 40 images is real tiring. Rendering is kinda slow, about 5-7 minutes per images. But most of my renders are broken, so I proceed post processing session to clean broken lines.


And now, I began add some text. Also adjust to Line Sticker format, about 370 x 320 PNG size and your canvas should be 350 x 300.


I began submitting Line sticker at night on December 6, 2015. On December 10, 2015, my sticker is now ‘In Review’. During reviewing process, I can see that they actually access this site, I don’t know how they know this site. And on December 17, 2015, This sticker is approved by Line! Well, it was pretty ironic tho, that I didn’t get my sticker free even as creator.

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[3D] Upload Fake Cel Shade Outline on Sketchfab

Again, this is not related to game dev, but it might be useful for who want to upload cel shade on sketchfab. I’ll be using Cinema 4D, and I think it’ll compatible with all 3D Software out there. Let’s jump to the point:

  1. Get your models sketchfab ready, make sure that you don’t have any bones / skin. You can just bake the skin. Then Combine / Merge all of your model into one mesh.sketchfabx0
  2. Now make a new black material, just ignore that Display tag I add, but adding display tag would make it easier to see. In Cinema 4D, right click your outline model and choose Cinema 4D Tags > Display then turn on Backface Culling.sketchfabx1
  3. Go to Polygon / face mode, and select all, and then extrude it a little.
  4. This is not really necessary, but this could lighten up your model. After extruding, reverse selection your polygon selection and then delete it. In Cinema 4D, press U+I
  5. Now select all again and then reverse normal, in Cinema 4D, press U+R
  6. Now you finally get fake cel outline, let’s export to FBX and upload to sketchfab.
  7. Choose black outline material that you created and set Face Rendering to Single Sided. And you just need to setup your model. If you want to get Cel shade, then use Emitter on all your model without any diffuse or something.
  8. Take a look at my fake cel outline

Akemi Homura
on Sketchfab