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Escape from the Laboratories

Latest Version : V1.03A | V1.06SV (Canceled)
Last Build on March 10, 2012Status : Discontinued.

Ion is a Mad Scientist tried to make hollow poison, but Ion was forgotten to mix that with something. that poison was spilled, then the invention became a disaster. That poison contacted with Ion’s Little Creature “Kids” now became “Big Brother”. Cation and Anion heard that loudly explosion sound. They went to Ion’s Laboratory.

They saw Big Brother grabbing Ion then destroy Ion’s Laboratory. Big Brother recruit his own Minions and Starts to make a trouble in Authasica. Now Cation and Anion were trapped inside of Ion’s Laboratory. They have to Collect all spilled poisons, remake that to defeat Big Brother. They have many trouble with Big Brother’s Minions “LOLGuards” (Meme Guards due to lacks of 3D modelling skill). Discontinued due to very bad / lag gameplay.

Download now :

Escape From The Laboratories V1.03A

Escape From The Laboratories Escape From The Laboratories Escape From The Laboratories


Escape From The Laboratories has been marked as a fail product. Skipper got many bad review on this game. The scene is too dark and makes the player hard to see. But, Skipper has uploaded new version (v1.03A) at Rapidshare. With 0 downloads so far. Jacky Min (Official Beta Testers) also says this game is can’t run on even Core 2 Duo. After heard that news, Skipper stop publishing to other forums.

The user themanu26664 also made a modification with this story. ” the story is about the brother of Gordon Freeman, not having interest in studies in the laboratories of Black Mesa although there are gone, he decided to escape through the ventilation duct! “



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