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Anime Boy Pack Available now on Asset Store


Anime Teen Boy character 3 pack is now available on asset store ! Includes 3 Characters.

Thanks to Kyana for the hair textures.


  • 10 Hair textures
  • Fully Editable 2048×2048 Vector PSD texture + Normal Map
  • Idle and Run motion as demo
  • Blink animation texture and mouth texture
  • Toon or PBR version
  • Character 1 :
    > Base 1812 tris
    > Hair 895 tris
    > Cloth 2290 tris
  • Character 2 :
    > Base 1874 tris
    > Hair 623 tris
    > Cloth 2290 tris
  • Character 3 :
    > Base 1772 tris
    > Hair 924 tris
    > Cloth 1556 tris

Anime Boy Character #1

Sketchfab link

Anime Boy Character #2

Sketchfab link

Anime Boy Character #3

Sketchfab Link

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Nakane Eri Line Sticker !


Yeah, my first Line Sticker!!! I’ll do Other variation with other outfit and other character later. Anyway, I should release it both Japanese and English version, but I don’t know how. So yeah, next version will have both language.

Thanks for downloading!!!



The Process

The actual idea I was making Nakane Eri Line Sticker is because I wanted to test out my blendshape and model if this model is fully animateable. I can’t draw so I just use 3D renders.

I began making it on December 3, 2015. And yeah, it’s full 3D, I just use Cinema 4D’s Sketch and Toon.


And all was finished on December 5, 2016. And then Midnight Rendering!!!


Rendering finished on December 6, 2015. Phew, rendering 40 images is real tiring. Rendering is kinda slow, about 5-7 minutes per images. But most of my renders are broken, so I proceed post processing session to clean broken lines.


And now, I began add some text. Also adjust to Line Sticker format, about 370 x 320 PNG size and your canvas should be 350 x 300.


I began submitting Line sticker at night on December 6, 2015. On December 10, 2015, my sticker is now ‘In Review’. During reviewing process, I can see that they actually access this site, I don’t know how they know this site. And on December 17, 2015, This sticker is approved by Line! Well, it was pretty ironic tho, that I didn’t get my sticker free even as creator.