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[Project IMG] May Updates

I haven’t write an updates for almost 2 months. But yeah, only did very few little progress on this game. Had lost my motivation doing this game on April. Because on April I was promised to do story writing. I get so much depressed and stressed while doing the story, like I can’t even come up another interesting idea. I keep rewrite story but always feel bland and flat like most generics.. I’ll probably keep discussing with my friends about the story.

And this May too, I think I’m gonna pause the game development, as I’ll be doing on models and grinding my modelling skill making V6 models.


So yeah, let’s just compile both May and April updates on my game

  • [ADD] School Interior Environment, for now it’s only main hall and cafetaria
  • [ADD] Skip function on certain event talk
  • [ADD] Gift function. So now you can gift anything to NPC and get their response.
  • [ADD] SocialCORE on NPC. Now NPC can talk, joking, even flirting to each other. NPC will also greet you according your relationship to them.
  • [ADD] NPC now can open their phone like usual teenager high school.
  • [ADD] Emotion bubbles on NPC to tell player how they feel (Thanks to Leon Sieghart for suggestion)
  • [ADD] Mini object interaction. Things that appear a little conversation / feel on your mind about certain objects.
  • [ADD] Extra activity. Now you can play Console Games or even watch Anime. This will affect your stats.
  • [FIX] Now you can’t hit girls or certain AI.
  • [FIX] Skirt physics, even it’s not 100% flawless, but that’s the maximum I can do.
  • [FIX] Now using Vector3.Dot instead of lame rotation == on Activity CORE. This makes NPC wont standing while their legs pass through the chair for a long while waiting for the same rotation as the chair. Instead, now they reach the seat and begin sitting.
  • [FIX] Broken choices that it selects both choice in the same time.
  • [FIX] Broken animation clip that I was missing a T-Pose before rigging after all ! (Thanks to Mai Nguyễn Bình Hưng and Muhammad Umair Mirza for the help)
  • [FIX] Some materials.
  • [FIX] Wrong hat placement on a thug.
  • [CHANGE] Shader of “Stop” scene limiter sign to a smooth particle.
  • [CHANGE] Rebaked lightmap for Home interior scene

Update Videos

What to do next ?

In this month, I’ll pause my game development again. Doing Teachers NPC models, setting up Anime NPC asset pack for Asset Store, and do V6 model with many accuracy. In a meantime, I’ll replay Persona 3 to get more inspiration.

And this is what I’ll do next to my game

  • [TODO: ADD] Teacher NPC and their function / behavior
  • [TODO: ADD] Convert random NPC student to Unity
  • [TODO: ADD] Chapter 1 of my game
  • [TODO: ADD] DATE-A-CORE to be added later on as soon as one dateable female character is ready.
  • [TODO: FIX] Wall color and lighting, make it more interesting
  • [TODO: FIX] There’s a way to bug in a quest that require you to buy stuff. I’m still thinking way to patch it.
  • [TODO: FIX] The way AI sit on chair is kinda broken.

End note

So yeah, that’s it. If you want to keep updated of my game project, please do follow, or like our facebook page here.


I also have Unity Asset Store, you probably want to check out. You can also support me from it haha. Have a nice day !


1 Year of Development of Unnamed Project IMG

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Now it has been 1 year of development. I usually never been making game this long, the longest time I develop is Nitro Racer XD, and just 5 months~. It was back in when I was in high school, so I get a lot of free time doing that.

It took many long cause I do all models and stuff, and I also do have work full time and freelance to keep my game alive. It’s very hard that you only have few hours to do this everyday, but I managed to finish most CORE in less than 1 year, so in 2017, I’ll just go ahead doing the storyline. Hopefully can finish before 2017 ends.

So lemme sum up the development for 1 year.

Started from a Word Document

No automatic alt text available.

This game started as a random anime story I wrote on a word document. Back in that, I didn’t even think of making game of this. It basically just like usual anime, school life themed, romance, and comedy.

Many people says or think that my game is Yandere Sim, but no, my game don’t even have any connection to it. I don’t even play Yandere Sim before. All my game models were made by myself. Even tho I do have Yandere character in my game, but she’s inspired from Kurumi Date A Live. Inoue Seiko is a mysterious girl in my game, and mostly absent, so you’ll hardly to met her.

Inoue Seiko, don’t worry, she’ll protect you no matter what.

My game was inspired from Date A Live and Oregairu. There are more than 5 girls you can date with different personality.

Momoe Kitagawa is an Angery Tsundere.

My game is kind of social sim where you play as a guy who conceal himself in a room playing game all day all time, and have to start socializing cause his computer broken and can’t play game anymore. I’ve been worked a lot on Story with my schoolmates and discussing the gameplay with them.

Even my game already 1 year old, I still can’t decide what name I should gave for my game. Here’s the list of the name I’ve given on my game.

At that time, I didn’t even think of making this game, cause I’ve been heartbroken and lost all my spirit making game since my last game, Nitro Racer XD. The reason I want to back to make game, cause I’ve been making some real time renders with Unity, and also I saw so many people making game, and it looks fun, So yeah, I started doing the game on March 2016.

Starting Concept

At March, I started to extract all my models that I use for renders and compose it as a scene. This is how Phone UI Concept looks like. I added the way to receive quest, call a friend, go somewhere, and your stats in a phone.

And this is earlier version of The CORE UI and Pause Menu. There are still health bar, but later on, I removed it because it’s kinda useless and many more important information need to be added.

Haha yeah, I’m UI Designer at work, so yeah I usually and always do like to make simple or minimalist UI. The UI for pause menu is so simple that only 3 menus and blurred background.


The first GIF of my game

Beginning CORE

On April 2016, I’ve finally made the VN CORE on my game. This is earlier version of the VN UI, it has 2D character left and super simple text panel, and chat bubble for choice. (Sorry it were in Japanese). At first I thought about translating my game to Japanese too, but the text file are just gigantic, and no one would play my game in Japanese, so yeah, I remove it.


Later on, all the UI also updated like Pause menu above. Basic Quest System also implemented in this. And new loading screen.


CORE Beta 1 (June 2016)


After been making a lot of COREs, I decided to give it to my friends to test it to see if my game has good performance and CORE behaves very well. Turns out I received a lot of bug reports from them. Some of them can’t even run, or runs slow on 6 years old PC (9500GT).

Later on, after I fix all those issue, I also did some Beta test again to some of my friends, this time only performance test or stress test. Turns out pretty well, my game still can run neatly 60FPS in ultra quality and when there are 20 NPCs at same time.

Since my old Quest CORE had tons of bug during CORE Test 1, I decided to rewrite whole QuestCORE script. Earlier version of Quest CORE was using system from Personified Fear, that’s really hard to use to make Quest, cause you have to make many arrays even it’s useless and put everything there. And thanks to Kyana, who been helped me doing Quest CORE Editor script, so now it’s easier for me to make the quest.

CORE Phase 2 and Beyond

After finished fixing all those bugs, I started to make models and environments. And here’s some of the screenshot of the Environment I’ve made.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, shoes, cloud and outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

From August to October, I just do some of the environments, no touching any COREs during that time. But I still update some of the COREs like this below.


New Pause Menu


New Finished Quest Animation




New Blinking animation

In November to December, I’ve stopped doing the environment and start doing Storyline and CORE enriching. Like I said before, the Combat system will be removed, but instead of remove it, I enrich it, so yeah now can fight with students.



So yeah, it’s really tiring being solo dev when you have to do everything by yourself. And no I don’t use stuff from Asset Store, I only use it for helping me scripting since I can’t do super ultra wow advanced programming. The Asset Store stuff I use were just like Dynamic Bones, Localization, Dialogue Editor (I enriched it to compatible with my VNCORE), UI Tween, and Musics / sound.

I was expecting to release Demo Build on September 2016, but I can’t made it, and even releasing Demo Build on December 2016, but still can’t made it. But in 2017, I hope I can finish this game before 2017 ends. I should start build fanbase and marketing for my game.

Thanks for reading !

Here’s the video of recent update.

Like my Facebook here if you guys want to get updated with this progress.
Or simply follow my blog, which I’ll post every month.


[Unity UI 4.6] Parallax style menu

So yesterday I was trying to make parallax styled menu with Unity 4.6 UI, although it’s very simple to do.

  1. UnityUIPar (1)
  2. Check your canvas setting, the render mode should be Screen Space Camera.
  3.  UnityUIPar (3)
  4. After that, add empty game object like Content. Content is like a group of everything that will be moved by script
  5. UnityUIPar (2)
  6. Add this script on Canvas and set Canvas variable as your Content Rect transform.
  7. also you need to adjust minMaxAxis, it’s an array, 0 usually -15, and 1 usually 15

Here’s the script (C#)

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

public class ParallaxMenu : MonoBehaviour {

 public RectTransform canvas;
 public float smoothTime = 0.3f;
 public float minMaxXAxis = new float[2]; //0 min, 1 max
 public float minMaxYAxis = new float[2]; //0 min, 1 max
 public float mouseSensitivity = 50.0f;
 private float xVelocity = 0.0f;
 private float yVelocity = 0.0f;
 private float x;
 private float y;
 private float xSmooth;
 private float ySmooth;

 void Awake(){
 Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.None;
 Cursor.visible = true;

 void Update(){
 x -= Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * mouseSensitivity * 0.02f;
 y -= Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * mouseSensitivity * .02f;

 if(y > minMaxYAxis[1]) y = minMaxYAxis[1];
 if(y < minMaxYAxis[0]) y = minMaxYAxis[0];
 if(x > minMaxXAxis[1]) x = minMaxXAxis[1];
 if(x < minMaxXAxis[0]) x = minMaxXAxis[0];

 xSmooth = Mathf.SmoothDamp(xSmooth, x, ref xVelocity, smoothTime);
 ySmooth = Mathf.SmoothDamp(ySmooth,y, ref yVelocity, smoothTime);

 Quaternion parallax = new Quaternion();
 parallax = Quaternion.Euler(ySmooth / 7,xSmooth/7,0);

 canvas.transform.localPosition = new Vector3(xSmooth, ySmooth, 0f);
 canvas.transform.localRotation = parallax;


Imagination XD as Democratic Indie Game Studio

Name Change

I probably going to change Laboratories XD name to Imagination XD. The reasons i want to change Laboratories XD name is :

  • Laboratories XD is a freaking weird name for a game studio name.
  • I’m changing this game studio status from just Indie Game Studio to Democratic Indie Game Studio

LXDGen2LogoThis is the new logo for Imagination XD. This logo has some meanings

  • This logo shape is infinity shape, which mean, Imagination is infinity.
  • This logo also shape like XD

Democratic Indie Game Studio

I’m going to make this studio into a democratic indie game studio. I have some reasons why i change it to Democratic…

  • We’re going out of ideas for a game after Personified Fear.
  • We’ve too much request from other people to make it as Democratic Indie Game Studio.

This means everyone can send me a game making requests. However, it still have a terms and conditions. Why ? Because making game is not easy. This below is the terms and conditions. Oh don’t worry, it’s just a short text.

  • I do not accept high complexity game request, such as realistic FPS game, realistic physics driving game, or game like the sims. I accept high complexity game if the story quality is good.
  • Since i have slow internet connection, i do not accept game above 500MB.
  • Requested game story must be clear. Instance, “Samurai Puppy in the Magic Kingdom” not “how about a fps game?” (I can do FPS game, what’s the main theme???)

Okay let just simplified it. You say a game title (must be original, like “Samurai Puppy in the Magic Kingdom” not “Battlefield”) to me and I’ll discuss with my Story Writer (Junardy). If its good, I’ll make it. Otherwise, if it’s bad, I’ll reject it.

If your requested game has accepted and finished you’ll get a free full version of your game (I’m still thinking about this, since i have slow internet connection). But your name will probably not credited.

So this is the accepted requests from other peoples.

  • Personified Fear (Request from my classmates)
  • Unknown RTS game (Request from my History teacher)
  • Samurai Puppy in the Magic Kingdom (Request from Vauser von Shepherd)
  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]

And also a backup request. Just in case if there’s no one sending me a request

  • Complete Mayhem
  • Voltage
  • Polkadot


[Update] NitroRacerXD Race Standing Finished!!!

This is it! This is a victory for me! The most difficult script I’d ever made. After a long long long long research with my retarded friends (they can’t make it clear), and ignorant unity answers people, i finally can make this script works! Back then, Door Script and Elevator Script are the most difficult script when i was new to Unity (not sure if new to Unity or just retarded).

How Does It Work ?

Well… It’s pretty simple. I design the concept on conversation lesson (thursday). And this is the concept i made

  1. Add new script that manages player’s current rank. I named it RANKERS.JS
  2. On rankers.js, i set the Distance to Waypoint value same with waypoint’s player distance
  3. On waypointer.js, it has 18 lengths player distance float array that manages distance to waypoint according to their car id and then sort it.
  4. Back on rankers.js, it checks sorted distance in waypoint script, which ones that has same distance to waypoint value with distance sorter and then return the index.

It’s so simple. Simplest than i checked on google. However, this script still has some bugs.

  1. Current Rank always be #1 if other player are too far or in other waypoint. SOLUTION : I’ll attach Distance Sorter script to GM.
  2. It doesn’t work when you just started the game.

I hope i can fix this.

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Nitro Racer XD Development Feb. 11 2013

In this Chinese New Year holiday, i developed Nitro Racer XD’s Main CORE, such as a kart physics, AI kart, and models. You know it’s hard to deal with kart physics. First version, the kart loves to wheelie and then flip up. Fortunately this bug doesn’t happen in other kart. In this 1 week (from 4 February 2013), I’ve made Main CORE, 3 models (14 models left), and Animated GUI.

Nitro Racer XD GUI Concept

Nitro Racer XD GUI Concept

Alex the Polar Bear (FAIL)

Alex the Polar Bear (FAIL)

Jack Flynn the Panda drives Squirrel 3S

Jack Flynn the Panda drives Squirrel 3S

Capt. Helepolis drives Stomp Kart

Capt. Helepolis drives Stomp Kart





So, what do you think about the GUI and the characters ? The GUI method still use older version (COREGUI). It must be a great quality game because this is 2nd generation of my game. 2nd generation means i don’t use my old development method anymore (such as GUI Method, Performance Method, and CORE Method). I haven’t made all the character, I’m too busy, there are 40 videos request from by big bro and a tons of stupid homework. This below i’ll tell you about Nitro Racer XD development book


Main unlocked Characters

  • Alex (Probably will be deleted and changed to MiME) drives Basix Kart (MiME drives SV Butterfly S2)
  • Jack Flynn drives Squirrel 3S (LOL, the model is from Chaparral 2J)
  • The Frig drives Speedy Kart
  • Clarity drives Candy Kart with Carbon fiber hood
  • Willy (A character from Wild West Showdown) drives Guitar Kart
  • Capt. Helepolis (Nano botz main character) drives Stomp Kart
  • Cuber (Penguin TNT 1st generation character) drives Penguin cube car
  • Penelope Guin (Penguin TNT 2nd generation character) drives Ice Kart. She probably will be replaced with Lollipop Girl (Name is not finished), because Penelope has short leg bones and too much triangles.

Power Up (Pickupable)

  • TNT
  • 50% NOS
  • Engine Cooldown
  • Bomb
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Glitch

Power Up (Chargeable)

  • Dash
  • Big Nitro
  • ?
  • Big Sticky Cake
  • Windy FX
  • Triple Missle
  • Cube Tires
  • Raining Crystal
  • Freezes
  • Fogging
  • Blizzard
  • Releasing Mouses
  • Nails
  • Blind
  • Power Hear
  • Cannon
  • Epic Dash

So what do you think ? Do you have any idea for power up ? Anyway, ALL MODELS FROM NITRO RACER XD ARE NOT DOWNLOADED FROM 3D MODEL SITE, I MODEL IT MYSELF (I have the C4D file and it’s originally me + backup files)

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[Update Phase 1] Wild West Showdown

So, i got so many bug reports from Junardy (Official Beta Testers (1GHz AMD Dual Core, ATi Radeon HD6000 Series)). And here’s the reports from Junardy.

  • Main character’s shirt is weird. Sometimes it can pass through the main character body.
  • You can see through the house.
  • You can’t change weapon.
  • You should be able to set the weapon inside the pocket, not drop it.
  • After dropped a gun and picked up a gun, it should not be 0/0 but 6/6.
  • Aiming error. Sometimes it just too slow to fade.
  • Uncontrollable aiming sensitivity.
  • Reload system fail. From 4/6 to 6/0.
  • The camera went up and down while trotting.
  • The gun pickup is hard to find. Increase the ammo pickup.
  • Claw is not working properly.
  • There’s no hint / exit in level 2 stage 1.
  • Since it was too difficult, I only can play till level 3 stage 1.

But don’t worry, in newer version (V0.99REV2) these thing will be updated

  • Reload function is now fixed! 4/6 to 6/4.
  • Trotting camera is fixed.
  • Diglett animation is fixed.
  • More ammos in stage 1.
  • Checkpoint should save player’s inventory.
  • Double jump is enabled. However, it may has some bugs.
  • Adjustable aim sensitivity.
  • Faster fade time.
  • Added help in level 2.

There’s some Official Beta Testers is testing the game

  • ME (Core i3 @ 3.10GHz, NVidia GT220), Fantastic settings, No lag @ 60 / 40 FPS.
  • Junardy (AMD Dual Core @ 1GHz, ATi Radeon 6000 Series), Good settings, No lag.
  • Jessica T. (Waiting for result)
  • Vinson (Waiting for result)
  • Roberto K. (Core i3, NVidia 9500GT) (Waiting for result)
  • Robin (Core 2 Duo, Integrated Graphic card) (Waiting for result)
  • Calvin (Pentium D, ATi Radeon), medium lag on level 4 stage 1.

Sorry if i posted too often this week. Because i need to make a log of my game development.