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[Tutorial] HDRI as Unity Skybox

56I actually been used HDRI as skybox back then, but it wasn’t really good cause older Unity doesn’t has GI. Now Unity 5 has GI, so HDRI is good too for Unity.

You’ll need HDRI Image (JPG, if it’s hdr or exr, you have to convert it first), and Unity 5.

  1. 0First, if your HDRI is not JPG yet, then convert it to JPG by set the channel to 8bit.
  2. 1
  3. Import your JPG HDRI to Unity. Remember, 4000px is enough, cause you’ll get 2048px in Unity. Set your HDRI to Cubemap and Cubemap type to cylindrical or latitude bla bla bla…
  4. 2Now create a material. Click Assets > Create > Material
  5. 3 Set your material shader to Skybox > Cubemap
  6. 4Now drag your HDRI Cubemap to skybox cubemap.
  7. 5Now open Lighting tab, and drag your HDRI Material to skybox. Sometimes it might happens like this, but to fix it just change the cubemap type to Cylindrical (in this screenshot, I set it to Spherical).

Yep, it’s really simple. Simple as any other 3D programs.

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Cosmos – kirin PV Realtime Rendered Animation with Unity 5

I’m going to post something not really important today LOL. Anyway I’m not only making games as I said on October 2013. I paused making games and learning / practicing my 3D Modelling / Animating skills.

I’d be thanked to Unity 5 for giving out Pro features and Global Illumination for free. Good Guy Unity. After Unity 5 released, I decided to try out make an animation using their Global Illumination.

It’s a really short animation demo based on a song COSMOS by kirin. I wont make it full version because this is not my song, I probably will get some misunderstanding. I also have a plan making anime / animation with Unity 5, but I still need a lot things to learn / practice like modelling and animating.

The result was really realistic enough for me.

Total 1000 frames+, took about 10 or 15 minutes to render all. About 0.5 seconds per frame. Yeah always better than 40 seconds per frame in 3D Animation Software renderer (It also got really poor quality).

I hope Unity will release cutscene director soon as seen in their Blacksmith video. Cause animating using Unity Animation editor is such a pain.

Sorry for overbright, I had some problem on mixing Unity chan shader with Global Illumination / bloom.

Setting up physics. I almost kill myself after seeing Unity’s rigidbody bouncing like hell.

Setting up particles and additional details.

Outdoor lighting with Unity GI was satisfying enough.

Animating session.


[Research] Realtime Global Illumination Unity Indie

Again, I found this when I was taking a bath on my bathroom (man! Bathroom was my source of inspiration!). My shirt was red, and my bathroom was dark and I saw that the wall become red. I think that realtime GI can be made by using point light. Here’s my research, you can develop it further.

  1. Add a Point Light Game Object and set it as a Child of your object that you want to add a GI.
  2. Set the render mode on Point Light to Important.
  3. Also, set the position of Point Light to 0,0,0. So it could be centered on your object.
  4. Optional, if you only want that environment to receive a GI, you can set your Environment object’s layer to ” Environment ” and you also need to set the GI Light’s Culling Mask only ” Environment “.
  5. If your object are long, you can add more point lights.
  6. You should adjust the GI Light intensity and Range. Make it more realistic.

Yeah, it’s very simple right ? This is just a research, you can develop it further. And here’s my screenshot.

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