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10 Days Experience Selling Assets on itchio and Asset Store

Hi everyone, just want to share my first experience on 10 days selling my Assets on and AssetStore. Let’s take a look on what I try to sell on itchio and asset store.

Check my asset out

UnityAssetStore (Unity Version) (Non Unity version)

This is my Anime Themed street pack asset for Unity. I’m not going to rant or something, but just sharing my experience.

The asset itself took me about a week to make, on August 25 I finished create whole those assets and ready to submit on AssetStore. But wait ! AssetStore requires you to make new project, cause if you left in your game project, it’ll gonna be really mess on your current project.

After packing all those stuff neat, I finally submit it on AssetStore on August 25. And after wait for a week on September 2, my asset get rejected. My asset get rejected cause I use JPG for texture. Then resubmit it on September 3 with PSD textures.

Finally, my asset got approved on AssetStore on September 8. After that I began marketing process like sharing on Facebook to all my friends, Twitter, Blog, Forums, and Instagram. Both my Instagram and Twitter has 100+ followers. After done with all marketing stuff. It seems like no one buy it yet. I gave up selling it and then I giveaway 6 keys to friends and indie game dev group. I know it just a day, so we can’t see much, and just need to wait longer. I realize that my asset name is wrong and other tags and also the icon were wrong. Then I decided to resubmit again for 2 times.

And today, September 17, I finally updated my asset with screenshot and Youtube video. And do you know how much I made from this ?



Yeah… Even tho I use hashtags like #Unity3D #IndieGameDev and been poking @UnityAssetStore and @itchio but still. I just get retweet and likes from bot. I even have 180~ Twitter follower and 120~ Instagram follower, but I didn’t get any clicks from them.

And this is my itchio links.


I know its not a wow-able asset, I also not hoping I can earn much from this, but is nice if I can earn just one or few of them.

So next, I’ll try to submit another asset pack, Lowpoly Anime Character asset pack later. I hope I can earn some at least.

Thanks for checking my asset out.

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Anime Street Prop Pack is Now Live on

I’ve made one for non Unity user. This includes all FBX, MAT, PNG, and PSD textures. Also version includes UnityPackage as well..

Thanks for downloading !

Click Here if you want to buy it on Asset Store instead of


East City / Anime themed Low Poly street prop pack including roads puzzle pieces and fences puzzle pieces.

Including more than 30+ street props model with 1024×1024 texture and Normal Maps also Illumination Map for Lighting objects.

Power pole can be rotated its length and remove its cable.

Each models polys are range to 100~800 tris.

These are :
• Fending Machine
• Street Sign
• Canopy
• Garbages and Trash Can
• Adjustable Power Pole
• Traffic Lamp
• Street Lamp
• Street Mirror
• And many more