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Nitro Racer XD V1.2A Available Now!

Nitro Racer XD V1.2A Available now on Desura! Now you can join Drift Mode event, drift at night with few person. PLUS! Lumos Powered Game Center.

Heyo everybody.

I received a bug report that you’ll have a NullReference Bug if you update from V1.08A to V1.2A or V1.1D directly. Deleting user data are very recommended. But Delete User Data if you had a problem with story mode. Deleting user data can be done in Main Menu > Settings > Delete User Data.

So, in this version I’ve made so much changes. And this is the lists

  • Added Social Features (Achievement, Leaderboards, Thanks to Lumos Powered. The Cool Achievement Icon by
  • Added Players limit on Arcade Mode
  • Added Drift Mode
  • Added New Character
  • Added Graphic Enhancement (Global Illumination, Vignetting, and Other shaders effect)
  • Added Unlock Message
  • Added the number on choosing character
  • Added the description on unlocking character
  • Added Seasonal Feature on Main Menu (but it was only Halloween, other season will be added on next update)
  • Added a fade on choosing the track.
  • Changed some SFX
  • Changed AI Difficulties
  • Changed Main Menu’s render settings
  • Changed Wrong way animation
  • Fixed Capt. Helepolis physics bug
  • Fixed Pickupable bug
  • Fixed Reverse Animation bug
  • Fixed night mode bug in Boxville
  • Fixed Some texture
  • Fixed a bugs on Credits scene
  • Fixed Track Choosing’s Nitro Rendering. (Earlier version has no shadow)
  • Fixed Track Choosing’s Track preview (Now I added a shadow)
  • Fixed some main menu’s layout
  • Fixed some CoreGUI issues
  • Fixed the shader on Icy Peaks Flag.
  • Fixed the shadow on game. Now I activated dual shadow. Blob Shadow and Realtime Shadow.
  • And Many More, I forgot to made a changelog.

So, the Seasonal Mode will be added soon (Just got this idea yesterday). Seasonal Mode, means a mode where you can only access on a certain month or date. Halloween Seasonal Mode is Crushing A zombie as many as you can, and Smashing Pumpkin. Christmas Seasonal Mode is Sending a gift. And many more!
So, on the next update, There would be more modes, not just Arcade Mode and Drift Mode. But Plus Seasonal Mode and Challenge mode.

Thanks for Downloading Nitro Racer XD

I hope you’ll get a lot of fun with it

Happy Halloween :D

Nitro Racer XD

Nitro Racer XD

Nitro Racer XD V1.2A

Nitro Racer XD V1.2A

What’s New on Nitro Racer XD V1.2A ? – Desura


[Tutorial] Semi Realistic Rain Effect with Shuriken

Works with Unity Indie too. At least Unity 3.5. I use Unity4 Pro Trial.

I found this relatively cool effect with Shuriken.It works with any terrain, and very fast! I search on google about how to make a rain effect in Unity, and all the result are long and difficult. I also check how is the rain effect in Angry Botz, they use a script to generate a rain ! And my reaction of those two was ” AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!”

With this, you can make semi realistic rain effect in just 5 minutes.

  1. First, go make a Particle System in Game Object > Create Other > Particle System. Set the rotation to 90,0,0
  2. 1rain
  3. Set the start Lifetime to 3 (It’s according how far you put the particle system with the terrain), set the Start Speed to 10, Start Size to 1, Start Color to 192,192,192,255, Max Particles to 10000 (according how large is your place), and rate to 3500 (according how large is your place).
  4. Rain2
  5. Set the shape to Box, and set the X and Y according to your scene range.
  6. 3
  7. On renderer, set the Render Mode to Stretched Billboard, and length scale set it to 5.
  8. 4R
  9. Now set the speed of rain. Set The Velocity over life time on Y axis to -30. and the space is World
  10. 5
  11. Let’s set the collision layer now. Select your object to collide (Not all object! because it’ll be very slow, just important objects! like terrain, platform, or buildings). Mine is NoShadowDuo. what’s yours ? (ignore that static)
  12. 7
  13. Now back to particle system and turn on the collision. Set the space to World (it says Plane as default). Slow huh ? I know right ? Set the bounce to 0, and lifetime loss to 1, Set the Collide with Nothing, then set it again to your collision layer (mine is NoShadowDuo). Set the collision Quality to Low and Voxel Size to 5. Much faster.
  14. 6
  15. Turn on Sub Emitter, press Plus button on Death particle System.
  16. 8
  17. On sub emitter object, turn on Color over lifetime, and set it 255 alpha on 80% and 0 alpha on 100%
  18. 10
  19. On sub emitter object, set the renderer material to water splash (if you have a water assets. It available on Unity > particles assets)
  20. 11
  21. On sub emitter object, turn on Size over life time, and set the curves like this
  22. 12
  23. Check again your sub emitter object, and make sure the value is like this
  24. 12_2
  25. Now look what have you done !
  26. DSC_64653

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Advertise Yourself [Nitro Racer XD]

So, I’m still thinking to add some random advertising in Tribunes or in Billboard. I still have 5 free slots for both of them.

Tribunes Ads

Unity - sft_td.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux StandaloneSo, It’ll be like this. Price ? Free… The texture size will be 512×512.

Free slots


Billboard Ads

fakeBakedShadowPrice ? Same… Free. Come on, quick before i change my mind. The billboard texture size will be 512×512.

Free slots

  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty

If you interested, please send your request on this form below, and send your ads images to my email


[Tutorial] Fake ‘baked’ shadow in Unity Indie

So, i found this trick while I’m bored and thinking of when i’ll get an Unity Pro. I though it is possible to have a fake shadow in Unity Indie. However, it still not really good, but i think it’s better than ‘baked’ shadow from lightmapper (It save times alot). So, it’ll look like this.


  1. First, open your favorite 3D modelling apps, import your model, render as 1024×1024 PNG in front side.
  2. 2
  3. Now open photoshop or your favorite photo editing software. Import the rendered 1024×1024 PNG, make it black by double clicking Layer 0 and check the Color Overlay. Set the color to black on Color Overlay settings, then click OK. You also need to blur it a little bit. Click Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the amount 5 or 10. Flatten the image, and save it as JPG.
  4. 3
  5. Import that edited JPG file to Unity. Read this. After you finished set the blob shadow, set your projector properties like this.
  6. 4
  7. REMEMBER! The Blob Shadow Object should placed in the root of your scene. Now go find a directional light, and copy the directional light’s rotation to blob shadow rotation. After you set it, now place it on the object that you want to add the shadow. Don’t forget to set the object a layer (for example, Me : NoShadow).
  8. 5
  9. After you set the shadow as a child of your object, now set the shadow positions to I mean (0,0,0).
  10. 5_2
  11. Set your camera to isometric and object rotation to global, it make much easier to placing the shadow. You just need to rotate the Z axis. If you touched X and Y axis, you are gonna had a bad time.
  12. 6
  13. Now lookie what we have here, a fake ‘baked’ shadow in less than 5 minutes! Still better than ‘baked’ shadow that need 2 hours to finish it and the result was awful. So what do you think ?
  14. 7

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[Update] Nitro Racer XD V0.26REV1

In one month, I’ve made a huge updates to Nitro Racer XD. Here’s the full list of updates

  • FIX : GM Waypointer calculating player’s position accurately
  • FIX : Semi-Final Hyper Dynamic Main Menu design
  • FIX : Retarded AI now became OK-AI (Not really stupid now)
  • FIX : Turbulence Desert map
  • FIX : Musicier bug on Main Menu (GUI Popping out)
  • ADD : Pickupable object now working properly.
  • FIX : GM Character placement
  • FIX : Main Menu Character Chooser
  • ADD : 5 new Characters (Frig, Willy, Crystal, Cuber, Clarity)
  • FIX : CoreGUI Stupidity (Null Reference anywhere)
  • FIX : Door portal
  • ADD : Timer
  • ADD : Start Line
  • ADD : Cuber spectator
  • ADD : 2nd Generation Level Info
  • And many more. I don’t know

Comparing this game with my latest game (Wild West Showdown), this game has many differences or better quality than my latest game. That’s why this game is the 2ND GENERATION OF LABORATORIESXD game.

Unity - sft_td.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone Unity - sft_td.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_2 Unity - sft_td.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_3


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Nitro Racer XD development stuck

First, when developing Nitro Racer XD, the wheel physics was made me dizzy. After solved it, there’s a new problem with the AI. The AI are retarded. The AI sees something in front of them, they don’t brake, but they just hit player’s in front of them and then respawn and then can’t move or driving in reverse direction. But the ‘Retarded’ AI was solved, even now the AI still a bit retarded. They see you are in front of them, they brake or sometimes turn left / right till they hit object.

But the PROBLEM in this GAME that really really really really making me crazy is, GM WAYPOINTER ! It’s position manager for racing game. You know it’s very very important in racing game. I asked on Unity Answers, Unity Forum, but no one answers it!!! Not sure if they are avoiding me or they just don’t know the answer.

I already discussed with my friend but i don’t think it’s working. And this is the method i use to make a position manager.

  1. GM Waypointer : GM Waypointer is a race position manager that attached in GM / every Waypoints by using Vector3.Distance. Who is nearest to the Waypoint, it’s the lead. But it was failed, because i can’t figure it out how to make the player knows its ranking.
  2. LiNER : LiNER is a race position manager that attached in every player’s car. Activate when a player hits a triggered box collider and then check if the player which is just hit the line is in front of me, the player rank was +1, and otherwise if the player which is just hit the line is in my behind, i was +1. But i don’t use it because all player thinks they are number 1.
  3. Vektor3DotDot : Vektor3DotDot is a race position manager that attached in every player’s car. Use Vector3.Dot to check the distance to other player. Not used because of complexity.
  4. TiMECORRECTOR : TiMECORRECTOR is a race position manager that attached in waypoint and also update the race standings everytime you hit the waypoint. Who is fastest to the waypoint its the lead. It’s record time you reached the checkpoint and compare it to other. The Reason i don’t want to use this because, i can’t figure it out how to make the player knows its ranking.
  5. Linecaster : Linecaster is a race position manager that attached in waypoint. Who is nearest to waypoint, it’s the lead. I know it same with GM Waypointer, but this use Linecast not Vector3.distance. Each AI Shoots ray to waypoint. AI Distance value send to all waypoint. Then Waypoint sort the distance. From AI kart, find a distance that has same value with waypointer, and then the waypointer returns it length. I’m doing this right now.

If you have any suggestion for position manager, please help me. This code freaking me out. Make me stressed till i sick again.

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Nitro Racer XD Development Feb. 11 2013

In this Chinese New Year holiday, i developed Nitro Racer XD’s Main CORE, such as a kart physics, AI kart, and models. You know it’s hard to deal with kart physics. First version, the kart loves to wheelie and then flip up. Fortunately this bug doesn’t happen in other kart. In this 1 week (from 4 February 2013), I’ve made Main CORE, 3 models (14 models left), and Animated GUI.

Nitro Racer XD GUI Concept

Nitro Racer XD GUI Concept

Alex the Polar Bear (FAIL)

Alex the Polar Bear (FAIL)

Jack Flynn the Panda drives Squirrel 3S

Jack Flynn the Panda drives Squirrel 3S

Capt. Helepolis drives Stomp Kart

Capt. Helepolis drives Stomp Kart





So, what do you think about the GUI and the characters ? The GUI method still use older version (COREGUI). It must be a great quality game because this is 2nd generation of my game. 2nd generation means i don’t use my old development method anymore (such as GUI Method, Performance Method, and CORE Method). I haven’t made all the character, I’m too busy, there are 40 videos request from by big bro and a tons of stupid homework. This below i’ll tell you about Nitro Racer XD development book


Main unlocked Characters

  • Alex (Probably will be deleted and changed to MiME) drives Basix Kart (MiME drives SV Butterfly S2)
  • Jack Flynn drives Squirrel 3S (LOL, the model is from Chaparral 2J)
  • The Frig drives Speedy Kart
  • Clarity drives Candy Kart with Carbon fiber hood
  • Willy (A character from Wild West Showdown) drives Guitar Kart
  • Capt. Helepolis (Nano botz main character) drives Stomp Kart
  • Cuber (Penguin TNT 1st generation character) drives Penguin cube car
  • Penelope Guin (Penguin TNT 2nd generation character) drives Ice Kart. She probably will be replaced with Lollipop Girl (Name is not finished), because Penelope has short leg bones and too much triangles.

Power Up (Pickupable)

  • TNT
  • 50% NOS
  • Engine Cooldown
  • Bomb
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Glitch

Power Up (Chargeable)

  • Dash
  • Big Nitro
  • ?
  • Big Sticky Cake
  • Windy FX
  • Triple Missle
  • Cube Tires
  • Raining Crystal
  • Freezes
  • Fogging
  • Blizzard
  • Releasing Mouses
  • Nails
  • Blind
  • Power Hear
  • Cannon
  • Epic Dash

So what do you think ? Do you have any idea for power up ? Anyway, ALL MODELS FROM NITRO RACER XD ARE NOT DOWNLOADED FROM 3D MODEL SITE, I MODEL IT MYSELF (I have the C4D file and it’s originally me + backup files)